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“American farmers are promised a new cash crop…and it will provide thousands of jobs for American workers throughout the land”         – Popular Mechanics, 1938 

What do you know about Hemp? 

Table of Contents

In 1938, Popular Mechanics published claims that Hemp was to be the “new billion-dollar crop”.  Having received thousands of applications, it seemed like there was no limit at to where and when Hemp could be cultivated and used.  But less than twelve months post-publication, restrictions were enforced by the government regarding all things Hemp, halting the Hemp industry dead in its tracks.  For 80 years, Hemp had been forgotten about and was badly misunderstood.  It is sad that less than a century later, the majority of our population are unaware of Hemp.  It was not a crop or material that we ever learned about during childhood.  The qualities and benefits of Hemp have been lost, forgotten and ignored.  The common misconception of many people that Hemp and Marijuana are the same, has not aided its publicity.  Other people are simply unaware that Hemp exists. 

What is Hemp and what can it do? 

So that you are able to see all of the positive attributes of Hemp, we have put together a thorough list of Hemp products which are currently on the market.  Some of the applications listed may not, as of yet, be completely commercialized, but the majority of the products shown are available for online purchase from many different boutique brands for you to choose from.  Hemp promoters compete to provide customers with the highest of quality and wonderfully eco-friendly Hemp-based products, superior to their common counterparts.  The list below shows you a wide selection of the different products and services that Hemp offers.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that, as Hemp increases in popularity, the common misconceptions surrounding it will dissipate.  Which product would you like to try?  We love Hemp in all shapes and forms and hope that you will, too! 

Categories of Hemp products 

  • Food and Drink
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Beauty and Skin
  • Health
  • Pets (know here where to buy CBD oil for pets)
  • Automobiles
  • Home and Office
  • Farming and Gardening
  • Industrial and Other Uses…




Hemp Seeds

We think that the most common purchase of Hemp is that of Hemp Seeds, due to the fact that they are so high in nutritious value.  Hemp seeds are frequently compared with chia and flax seeds.  Classed as a Superfood, they are hugely popular with vegetarians and athletes, alike.  Here’s a brief overview of why huge numbers of people love them so much: 

  • One of the natures’ most nutritious foods;
  • They are easily digestible;
  • Even if no other healthy foods were consumed, Hemp Seeds could sustain your health independently;
  • They are a great boost for your immune system and are advantageous to cholesterol levels, too, due to the essential fatty acids (omega-3 and 6) contained within them;
  • Immune deficiency diseases can be significantly decreased or banished through their use; and
  • They are the preferred choice of protein for thousands of vegetarians.

Click here to discover more about the top Hemp Seed brands on Amazon. 

 Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp can create multiple different types of oil, but Hemp Seed Oil is most common (Check Out: What is the best CBD oil on the market).  It comes from the seeds of the plant and when used in its unrefined form, it is said to be “Nature’s most perfectly balanced oil” for the following reasons: 

  • Hemp Seed Oil is perfectly balanced with its ratio of fatty acids, omega-6 and omega-3, at the perfect 3:1;
  • Provides Vitamin A and Vitamin E;
  • Contains lots of minerals, like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and zinc;
  • It will give your hair a boost, increasing shine and strength;
  • Nail health is increased; and 
  • Any inflammation in the body will be decreased.

Discover the online brands that sell Hemp Seed Oil: Top Hemp Seed Oil Brands Online. 

 Hemp Protein Powder

This product is one of the most popular among active athletes, vegetarians, and vegans.  Made from Hemp Seeds, Hemp Protein can supply 15g of protein per use, which is the highest available simple protein source currently available on the market, specifically for vegans.  It increases the daily protein intake drastically and can be consumed by both those who are intolerant to lactose and have whey protein digestion problems. 

Top 6 Things to Consider when Buying Hemp Seed Protein. 

 Hemp Tea

If you are a tea lover, then this is the perfect Hemp product for you.  Blending your favorite tea with Hemp Seeds allows you to drink the Hemp Seeds and benefit from their nutritional values.  Hemp Kettle Tea, for example, give a wide variety for their customers to choose from, mixing their Hemp Seeds with basil, cardamom or jasmine. 

 Hemp Energy Bars

Need a little help keeping your growling stomach at bay from one meal to the next?  Want more energy?  Hemp Energy Bars use the finest ingredients allowing you to snack but stay healthy and gain energy all at once.  The Ever Bar uses solely organic ingredients and is made up of Hemp Seeds, Hemp Protein Powder, cranberries and blueberries, which, combined, will keep you going for hours. 

 Hemp Coffee

Hemp Coffee is created when coffee beans are ground and added to lightly roasted Hemp Seeds.  This blend gives you a beautifully, nutty-tasting coffee, described as having “a vibrational frequency not found in other worldwide coffees with considerably less caffeine and countless vitamins and minerals.” 

 Hemp Burgers

If you have ever previously tried vegetarian burgers and been put off them because they were bland and tasteless, here’s your solution!  Good Seed Burger has created a veggie burger that is packed with protein and has Hemp Seeds as the main ingredient.  They are created not only with Hemp Seeds but also with other Superfoods thrown in, such as chia, seaweed, grains, and sprouted beans…and my do they taste good!  This complex, nutty flavor with a shot of spice is sure to be your next favorite food. 

 Hemp-flavored Water

This is the Hemp equivalent to a vitamin water and it’s called Hemp2O.  It is jam-packed with vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, C and omega-3, as well as all essential amino acids.  This drink is fabulous for aiding muscle growth, is low in saturated fats and uses nothing but organic ingredients.  It has magical properties of the antioxidant nature, all the good fatty acids and is 100% free of gluten. 

Use the Store Finder to locate your nearest Hemp2O. 

 Hemp Seed Butter

Are you a lover of peanut or almond butter?  Then why not try Hemp Seed butter!  Hemps Seeds are ground into their finest form possible and combined with pressed Hemp Seeds to create this nutritionally beneficial and equally delicious Hemp Seed Butter. 

 Hemp Seed Milk

Not a million miles away from almond milk is Hemp Milk, created from the ground up Hemp Seeds and combined with water.  It is strong in its nutty flavor, so we appreciate that it will not be to everyone’s liking but it is a great alternative for people who like milk of the non-dairy variety. 

 Hemp Vodka

This is the pioneering vodka of the US which is fermented and distilled using Hemp by the Colorado Gold Distillery.  With an alcohol content of 40%, it is described by the critics as a mellow, smooth drink, more specifically “A smooth, character-rich vodka with appealing fruitiness.” 

 Hemp Beer

A brewery in California has innovated this interesting brown ale and brewed it with toasted Hemp Seeds.  It is called the Humboldt Hemp Ale.  The Great International Beer and Cider Competition declared this Hemp Ale as the winner of their silver prize in 2014. 

Want to try it?  Click here to find store/brewery. 

 Hemp Hot Dogs

Victory Hemp Foods teamed up with their local authorities and traders to create, promote and see Hemp Dawgs in 2016 at the Kentucky State Fair.  Beef farmer, David Neville, revealed the three ingredients used in the Hemp Dawgs, having worked on their creation himself.  They are: 

  • Hemp protein: this makes the Hot Dawg putty stick together almost acting like a glue;
  • Ground Hemp Seeds: add bite and texture to every mouthful;
  • Hemp Oil: bring smoothness and increased flavor to the Hot Dogs.

It’s rare that a Hot Dog is seen as a healthy food, but with omega-3 and 6 present amongst many other benefits, this so-called “treat” could become a regular thing, with its heart-healthy fats. 

 Hemp Flour

It’s high in nutrients, it’s gluten-free, it gives you energy…It’s Hemp Seed Flour.  Giving you 33% of your daily protein, it is only beaten to the post (slightly) in protein content by soy flour.  People who struggle with the digestion of regular flour benefit hugely from using this, as does anyone with a dairy, gluten, nut or wheat allergy. 

 Hemp Granola

What better healthy treat is there which beats granola?  Whether you buy some online or fancy making your own, we guarantee that it will be the healthiest and best granola you’ve ever had. 



Why would we recommend Hemp clothing to you?  Well, it has been proven that Hemp fabric is the most superior fabric for everyday wear because Hemp fiber itself is more… 

  • Porous and breathable – allowing your skin to breathe easily and continuously throughout your day.
  • Durable – The most durable plant fiber known is that of Hemp fiber.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable – Cotton needs water to thrive and a quarter of the world’s pesticides are used in order to grow it.  On the other hand, Hemp needs half the amount of water to thrive that cotton does and no pesticides are required for its cultivation at all.

 Hemp Shirts

With the majority of Hemp Shirts on the market today being created with the mix of 60% Hemp : 40% organic cotton, they are the most durable shirts you can get your hands on.  Our top brands are: 

  • SuperEgo
  • ONNO
  • Patagonia

 Hemp Jeans

As a nation, we wear jeans a lot!  So, imagine if your jeans were absorbent, breathable, durable and had anti-microbial properties.  Imagine no further, Hemp Fiber Jeans are here! 

 Hemp Shoes

On April 20th, the leading big brands all release their limited edition Hemp Shoes.  They range from boarders to Converse. 

Here is Adidas’ latest Hemp Shoe release: 

 Hemp Jacket / Coat

There is a wonderful array of Hemp Coats and Hemp Jackets available at Hoodlamb.  Obviously, there are not 100% Hemp Fiber, but the large quantity of Hemp within them allows them to be more durable and much more sustainable than the majority of their leading competitors. 

 Hemp Backpacks

We’ve all had a backpack that either broke or tore after not a great deal of use, but with these Hemp Backpacks, you’ll never have to worry about that happening again.  The Hemp Backpacks have a guarantee to last for at last a decade and are made from one of the strongest known fabrics around.  For a sustainable, durable, substantial way to transport your belongs with you everywhere you go, look no further. 

 Hemp Yoga Pants

By combining the perfect mixture of Hemp Fabric with organic cotton, a wonderful elasticity is created.  If you’re a yoga bear, these are perfect for you to stretch, tone and meditate in.  Pajama wearers: here’s your next favorite item! 

 Hemp Sunglasses

We think this is the coolest use of Hemp Hurds.  Innovated by Scottish designers, Hemp Eyewear is created from totally sustainable ingredients.  They are protective, fashionable and their case is pure Hemp, too. 

 Hemp Hats

Whatever your desired style of hat, they can all be made from Hemp.  From sports caps to wide brims, Tinlid Hats, along with other boutique brands, cater for all your Hemp Hat needs using only sustainable ingredients. 

 Hemp Beanie

Winter is coming!  Keep your head and ears warm with this reliable Hemp Beanie.  You’ll thank us when it starts to snow… 

 Hemp Wallets

One of the best looking wallets on the market is this Hemp Denim Wallet brought to you by Hemp Co-Op.  We know how strong Hemp Fiber is and how long it lasts for, so once you’ve bought this wallet, you won’t be replacing it for a very long time. 

 Hemp Socks

Fed up of getting holes in your socks?  Why not try Hemp Socks.  They are really durable and hard-wearing (much more so than cotton) and will last you for ages.  No holes here! 

 Hemp Totes

In our war against plastic, we are all being encouraged to use tote bags or other reusable bags for our shopping.  So let’s use sustainable bags, too!  These awesome Hemp Totes are completely made with Hemp; a plant that is one of the most sustainable in the world. 

 Hemp Sandals and Hemp Flip Flops

The soles and straps of these sandals are created with Hemp, so are the most durable and natural flip flops currently available. 

 Hemp Belts

We are not saying that this is the perfect type of belt to wear with everything, you may get a few strange looks wearing one of these with your sleek business suit.  But when it comes to kicking back at the weekend, these Hemp Belts are the ideal accompaniment for jeans or a more casual look. 

 Hemp Scarf

Much lighter than wool and with reduced thickness, these Hemp Scarves are super cozy whilst remaining lightweight: a great option for autumn or for those of you living in a climate of mild nature. 

 Hemp Ties and Hemp Bow Ties

Yes, you did read this correctly.  Literally, anything can be made with Hemp including ties and bow ties. 

 Handkerchiefs and Pocket Squares

It’s not particularly commonplace to use a handkerchief these days, but they don’t half look dapper if you wear your handkerchief as a pocket square with your suit.  These totally organic Hemp Pocket Squares can be sourced from Haute Hemp Co. 

 Hemp Bracelets

It isn’t long since the craze of Hemp Bracelet making with rife with the kids.  The bracelet ropes were unbreakable and so multi-purpose, which is why they were so fabulous for children.  If you mention Hemp to someone who isn’t particularly “in the know”, their first response is often to retell you of their Hemp Bracelet-making youth. 

 Hemp Robes

It is customary in Japanese culture for the emperor to don a Hemp Robe during the Shinto coronation ceremony put on for their incoming.  This is for no political reason at all.  Instead, it is worn to symbolize the values that Hemp has come to stand for: abundance, health, and comfort. 

 Hemp Overalls

If you are a wearer of overalls, for work or leisure, there are such things as Hemp Overalls. 



Why do we love Hemp Skin and Body Care products?  Well, we think that they are just so much better than your average, store-bought products, and here are a couple of our top reasons why: 

  • The perfect balance of omega-3 to the omega-6 ratio in comparison to other oils that do not contain all of the fatty acids that Hemp Oil based beauty products do.  If you want smooth and firmer skin, then omega-3 is your answer, and Hemp Oil is where you’ll find it;
  • The quantity of vitamins packed into Hemp Oil is vast are varied – Vitamins, B, C, and E can be found, just to name a few;
  • The amino acids found in Hemp Oil decrease the occurrence of wrinkles because they enable skin to keep its moisture.  Also, for anyone who suffers from skin complaints, such as dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis, adding moisture to your skin often banishes the problem.

Want a full list of body care products that contain Hemp?  Read on… 

 Hemp Body Lotion

This is one of our all-time favorites.  The Fay Farm create products that are chemical-free, gentle on your skin and dissipate quickly without leaving that well-known and much hated sticky, oily feeling.  We love the Healing Hemp Body Lotion because it is so good for lessening or eradicating contact dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and multiple other skin disorders of an autoimmune nature.  It is also fabulous for reducing redness and itchiness if you have burns, bites, ringworm, athlete’s foot or dry and damaged skin, too.  The proof is in the pudding – try it for yourself! 

 Hemp Balm and Hemp Lip Balm

If you require a solution which is stronger than a lotion, you need to try Hemp Balm.  The fast and easy penetration of Get Hemp Butter’s Hemp Balm enables your skin to absorb so many nutrients. 

 Hemp Shampoo and Hemp Conditioner

Next time you’re in the shower, take a quick look at the ingredients list, and we bet you won’t recognize half, if not more, of the contained ingredients.  Scary!  The Wonder Seed and other boutique brands make it their mission to use a purely natural formula to revive and renew your hair. 

 Hemp Soap

Why is Hemp such a popular ingredient in the creation of soap?  Because the essential fatty acids from Hemp (EFA), make them smoother and stops them from drying your skin out so much.  The leading soap brand in the US Hemp world is Dr. Bronner’s, who have maintained their love for Hemp for over a century.  They are a trusted, popular choice with Hemp Soap buyers because all of the ingredients they use are sustainable and organic. 

How many ingredients do you think are in Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Soap?  Less than 10!  Fabulous! 

 Hemp Facial Cream and Hemp Cleanser

For sensitive skin or skin plagued by acne, Hemp Oil could be the miracle cure you’ve been looking for.  For some people suffering from either of these two skin challenges, pure Hemp Seed Oil is applied daily to the face, but we appreciate that this approach may not be to everyone’s liking.  If you would prefer something different, take a look at the leading Hemp Body Care Brands for products specifically for your face: 

  • BC Bud;
  • Hemp 360;
  • The Wonder Seed.

 Hemp Sunscreen

For a purely natural sunscreen, try Raw Elements.  It’s non-GMO and of course, contains Hemp Oil. 

 Hemp Serum

Help for more serious skin conditions is at hand.  Hemp Serum can be really effective if you are a sufferer of scalp psoriasis, facial eczema or facial seborrheic dermatitis.  This fast soaking, quick acting Hemp Serum, applied directly to skin or scalp (or both), relieves itching and flakiness.  Don’t worry about adding Hemp Oil to your hair and thinking that your hair will be forever greasy…it won’t!  Because of the genetic make-up of Hemp Oil, it ceases grease from occurring on the skin or in the hair. 



The first time Hemp was documented as being “medicine” occurred in 2300 BCE, when a Chinese emperor prescribed Hemp as the appropriate treatment for gout, constipation and menstrual issues. Post the initial documentation, Hemp records (and the use medical use of cannabis) has been made apparent in many civilizations, such as Egypt, Europe, Persia, and even in the US centuries ago. 

What Hemp products can you use medicinally today? follow this link to know.

 Hemp Extract (CBD)

Hemp extract comes from compounds contained within Hemp leaves and is completely natural.  CBD (also known as Cannabidiol) is a compound most commonly known about, though there are in excess of 80 compounds to be found within Hemp. 

Leading Israeli scientist, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, pioneered the research regarding these extracts.  To learn more about his works and more about Dr. Mechoulam, click this link to The Scientist. 

According to the US Health and Human Services patent: 

“Cannabidiols have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism.  This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of a wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.  The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as a stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and HIV dementia.” 

Since the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2014, it is now legal for CBD to be sold in every 50 US state. 

Find out more about the top online Hemp brands review. 

 Hemp Essential Oil

Hemp Extract is a rarity, but Hemp Essential Oil is more so.  This is because it is created through the use of steam which distills the flowers and top leaves of a Hemp Plant.  This enables the purest essence of the plant to be captured.  The Hemp Essential Oil is anywhere from pale yellow to light green in its color and has a high, potent aroma.  It takes more than fifty pounds of flowers and top leaves to produce just one ounce of Hemp Essential Oil. 

For this reason, it is one of the world’s most expensive oils, containing no THC or CBD.  It is well known for its smell and the advantageous impact it has on the central nervous system.  Hemp Essential Oil can be used in a variety of ways to aid anxiety and prevent issues with sleep.  The most common methods for its use are to add it to hot, steamy water, mix it with a carrier oils for massage use or used in a diffuser.  Californian boutique brand, Kushed, blend Hemp Essential Oil with other pure essential oils creating remedies for individuals leading busy, stressful lives. 

 Hemp Aromatherapy Candles

Kushed also supplies a wonderfully relaxing range of Hemp Aromatherapy Candles, created from Hemp Essential Oil.  What a fabulous to unwind after a long and stressful day. 

 Hemp Massage Oil

Further up this list, we have looked at Hemp Body Wash and lotion, discussing the advantages of them containing Hemp.  This is because Hemp Oil aids skin smoothness and prevents it from becoming dry.  Hemp Massage Oil can really intensify a massage – Try it! 

 Hemp Heat Muscle Rub

It has been proved that Cannabidiol (CBD) eases joint and arthritis pain.  So the idea of making a heated muscles rub containing CBD is simply logical.  If you suffer from joint or arthritis pain, this could be a wonderful aid for you. 

 Hemp Vape Juice

Are you a smoker or ex-smoker?  Do you own a vape pen?  If so, vaping Hemp extracts is often said to be the most effective way of gaining CBDs benefits. 

Check out here the best vape pens for CBD oil.



Hemp Dog Toys

If your dog’s chew and destroy their new toys within just a couple of days, Hemp could solve this and save you money in the long run.  Hemp Ropes are classed as being one of the most highly durable ropes available, which very few dogs can chew straight through. 

 Hemp Dog Collar and Hemp Leash

It’s difficult if you have a puppy, especially if it’s big and strong, that constantly chews on its leash and pulls you around.  This is the most common reasons for leashes to tear and break.  But Hemp Leashes and Hemp Collars are created from Hemp Rope, which is so durable that the US government actually attempted to stockpile it during World War II. 

 Hemp Animal Bedding

There are many pros for using Hemp Hurds as Animal Bedding.  It is so absorbent that it can hold 400% of its own weight in absorbed liquid, so it is able to last a great deal longer than the more commonly used straw and pine beddings.  If you have a horse with respiratory difficulties, Hemp Bedding has a very low dust quantity.  It is very proactive in lessening aroma and does so in a much more effective way than wood shavings or straw.  Hemp Bedding is very popular amongst poultry owners incurring ammonia on a regular basis. 

Financially, Hemp Bedding is wonderfully economical.  It lasts for an extended time in comparison to other bedding materials and it reduces waste.  Due to these elements, farmers are actually able to save money through their use of Hemp Bedding.  It is also good for the environment as it is 100% biodegradable and naturally composes with no assistance. 

 CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD has long since been proven to aid a range of conditions, like addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, arthritis, and seizures.  With the anatomical make-up of mammals being so similar to that of humans, CBD has also be found to help dogs.  It has been proven to help them with anxiety, appetite, cancer, arthritis, and many different phobias. Know

You can also try the CBD capsules for dogs.



Henry Ford created a Hemp car in 1941, made out of Hemp Plastic and powered by Hemp Fuel.  He chose Hemp Plastic because it had been found to be hugely stronger than steel.  To test this theory, the Hemp car was beaten with a hammer.  Where a dent (or two) should have appeared there was no mark at all: the car never moved. 

How are we using Hemp in our modern day cars? 

 Hemp Sports Cars

The Renew Sports Car, innovated by a Floridian entrepreneur, is the first Hemp Sports Car and is actually almost 5 X more eco-friendly than the electric car.  Just like Henry Ford, this Hemp Sports Car is created with a Hemp Plastic exterior, running solely on Hemp biofuel. 

 Hemp Biofuel

Incredibly, Hemp Biofuel doesn’t have to be used only in cars created or converted for such purpose.  Instead, it can be used in regular cars.  This is a much more cost-effective method than the comparative electric cars, as no new cars need to be purchased. 

Chemical engineer, Thomas B. Reed, from the Colorado School of Mines, claimed that just one acre of Hemp is enough to produce the equivalent power to a thousand gallons of gasoline.  Just consider for a second the sustainability possibilities here and you’ll very quickly understand why oil companies dislike Hemp so much! 

 Hemp Thermoset Compression Molding

At his current time, Thermoset Compression Molding is creating parts and panels for multiple automotive manufacturers worldwide.  For example, a Mercedes panel is created by this method of technology.  It occurs by using a sheet of Hemp fiber matting which is then injected with a thermoset resin, molded and heated to enormously high temperatures.  The panel is then removed from its mold, cleaned, drilled and cut.  Mercedes, BMW, and Audi are just a few of the named front-runners using this method of molding technology. 



 Hemp Pens

Fabulous as gifts, customized Hemp Pens created from Hemp molds, are brought to you by Green Spring Technologies, as anything can be engraved on to them enabling you to add that personal touch. 

 Hemp Sheets

It is widely known that Hemp fiber is a much more breathable and porous fiber than that of the more commonly used cotton fibers.  So in summer, these will keep you perfectly cool and regulate your body temperature much more effectively.  Hemp Sheets may not be quite as soft as cotton, but they will definitely last for much longer. 

 Hemp Towels

Hemp is the best towel material.  Its fibers soften over time and the Hemp allows your towel to be resistant to mildew. 

 Hemp Paper

There are many reasons that we think Hemp Paper is superior to common tree paper: 

  • One acre of Hemp creates the same quantity of paper as between four and ten acres of trees in a 20-year cycle;
  • It only takes four months for Hemp stalks to grown, but 20-28 years for trees;
  • Due to trees being made up of just 30% cellulose, they require the aid of toxic chemicals.  Comparably, Hemp is made up of 85% cellulose;
  • Tree paper is considerably less durable than Hemp Paper.  It does not deteriorate in its structure over time, crack or gain a yellow tinge;
  • If Hemp Paper is used more widely, deforestation will dramatically decrease.

 Hemp Curtains

Hemp is a wonderful ingredient in the make-up of sheets and towels, so why should it not be just as effective in curtains? 

 Hemp Laundry Detergent

Just as effective as the more commonly known and more conventional brands is Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Pure-Castille Soap.  It also has the advantages of being hypoallergenic and non-toxic. 

 Hemp Crafts

For your basic everyday craft needs, why not use Hemp cords, spools, braided rope, and twines? 

 Hemp Chairs

Strangely, we cannot locate a stockist of Hemp Chairs, but these natural fiber Hemp Chairs were innovated specifically for the 2012 Design Show, so we know it can be done. 

 Hemp Tablecloths

Hemp fiber will give you a very high-quality material for a Hemp Tablecloth, which will be both durable and resistant to mildew. 

 Hemp Blankets

Are you searching for a light blanket that does not make you too hot in the summer months or warmer climate?  Then Hemp can help.  Hemp Blankets eradicate very intense night sweats (like hot flashes) and are very effective for reducing rashes, eczema, and other skin disorders. 



 Hemp Growing Mats

We think it is somewhat concerning that traditionally growing mats were constructed using treated materials and plastic.  Alarming when tender, new roots will consume and soak up quite literally anything they are grown in and then we could be consuming this if we are growing something edible. 

If you are green fingered and searching for a plastic, petroleum, and chemical free growing mat, then try Hemp Mats sourced from Grass Roots Grow Mats.  Improve your health by growing your next seeds in a healthier environment. 

 Hemp Soil Clean-up

More commonly grown crops, like wheat, corn, and soy, leach the nutritional content out of the soil.  This makes the soil very dry and erodes much quicker.  Therefore, farmers are using the growth of Hemp to correct this.  Hemp plants have foot long roots and these aid soil structure and restabilize it.  With Hemp growing to anywhere between 6 and 16 feet in height in just 110 days, it casts a shade over weeds, killing them off without any chemical intervention, cutting outgoings for farmers and completely eradicating the need for toxic herbicides. 

Hemp re-purifies the soil, too.  It absorbs heavy-metal found in contaminated soil, resulting in purified earth once more. 



 Hemp Ropes

The government needed to find a way to produce large quantities of the durable and strong rope during World War II because, during their engagement with Japan, the overseas ties had been severed.  This inspired the government to create the “Hemp for Victory” campaign, promoting the growth of Hemp and asking farmers to start growing the crop to aid the war effort.  From the video, you can see the promotion of Hemp fiber created by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). 

 Hemp Plastics

Hemp Plastic is just as capable of conventional plastic.  But the use of Hemp Plastic costs prohibitive for commercial use.  This is because of the regulations for farmers still being so large, so Hemp supply is of limited means. 

But Hemp Plastic is hugely more sustainable and durable than conventional plastic.  This is clear from this enormously varied list of Hemp products, where, for example, we can see that cars and car parts made from Hemp Plastic can easily compete with those made from steel. 

Hemp Filaments used in a 3D printing enable absolutely anything you desire to be printed. 

 Building Homes with Hempcrete

We feel that one of the most exciting and advantageous uses for Hemp is that of Building Homes with Hemp.  It is a fabulous thermodynamic insulator, reducing 50-70% of a families annual energy costs, especially effective for those living in extreme climates. 

Hempcrete is very effective for people with severe allergies, too.  Standard paint and insulators can often exacerbate allergies and are often toxic.  But Hemp, due to it being 100% natural, has been proven to eradicate multiple health problems. 

CO2 is absorbed by Hempcrete, reducing carbon footprints, and allowing the material to grow in strength simultaneously. 

There is no construction waste created with a Hempcrete home.  This could be wonderful for future eco implications, as currently, 55% of the world’s energy consumption is due to construction waste. 

Hemp can also be used to soundproof walls and for roofing purposes (bash-proof). 

 Oil Spill Clean-up

It has been scientifically proven that microorganisms are carried by Hemp, suitable for bioremediation purposes.  This means that Hemp can break down oil, by, in effect, eating it.  It is metabolized and then released back in the soil or water, minus its harmful toxins. 

For more information about how Hemp cleans and prevents oil spills, read Here’s how Hemp could be used to clean up oil spills! 

 Hemp Flags

When Betsy Ross made the original American flag, it was made from industrial Hemp, because it makes rustic flags with high durability.  Patagonia created a mini-documentary about a military veteran using Hemp to create a US flag: 

 Hemp Batteries

Hemp fibers are more conductive than graphene, so it is superior for use within batteries and supercapacitors.  Hemp “works just as well [as graphene].  And it costs a fraction of the price [at] $500 to $1,000 per tonne”, Dr. David Mitlin stated. 



It wasn’t so long ago that Hemp was publicized for having enormous potential across sectors.  So why are will still in the early stages of using Hemp? 

The Industrial Hemp Act, 2014, enabled farmers to restart growing Hemp again after 77 years of it being banned.  With supplies and awareness of Hemp increasing, Hemp innovation can only increase, too.  As a world currently so focused on reducing our carbon footprint and increasing sustainability, Hemp is certainly an eco-friendly forerunner. 

How will Hemp change the world next? 

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