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Cross-Country Road Trip Delivers the Advantages of Hemp Use

As an experienced hemp grower, Rick Trojan III and his pro-hemp associates took an 18-month road trip across the country on a quest to legalize their beloved hemp, reaching “48 states total” as he explained to us just a few days ago.  This Colorado-based hemp grower and enthusiast felt that creating the idea of a Hemp Road Trip would enable the nation to see why such an invaluable crop should be nationally legalized, therefore educating people across the country about its benefits in order to gain their support.

Whilst on his travels, Trojan found that the largest challenge preventing people from being open to supporting the legalization of hemp was their holistic fear and negative connotations brought about by the War on Drugs for the past couple of decades but this needed to be cast aside.  However, most of the populations met during the trip were very open to Trojan’s ideas; happy to listen and interested to learn.

Thanks to the openness, re-education and positive reactions from the people met along the way, Trojan, since his return, decided to create a documentary solely regarding industrial hemp and the actual Hemp Road Trip itself.  He hopes that by doing so he is able to share his pro-hemp message with a much wider audience, especially in places which are much harder to reach on the road.  Many knowledgeable professionals are set to take part in the documentary, though the final aid of the Indiegogo campaign (launched on Tuesday) should enable all markets to be captured and pinpoint audiences globally.


What was the catalyst for the Hemp Road Trip?

To cut a long story short, it was the legalities surrounding the sale of hemp which spurred Trojan on to undertake the Hemp Road Trip.  As the co-owner of a CBD oil supplements company (know where to buy CBD oil near you: CBD oil buy near me), he discovered that the legal jargon surrounding CBD was so confusing, difficult to navigate and generally negative that it prevented him from being able to sell his CBD oil supplements nationwide.  In a telephone interview with Trojan, he told us that he “couldn’t sell it to friends in California or Kansas” which he was clearly (and understandably) frustrated by.

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Having been legally cleared for sale under the guise of research purposes, CBD was permitted via the 2014 Farm Bill.  It does not seem that consumers have faced any notable difficulties of a legal manner associated with the buying or use of CBD supplements, though it is still classed by the Drug Enforcement Agency under federal law as being illegal.

  Trojan stated that he felt that this was “unfair to domestic farmers and producers” increasing his frustration at the legal quagmire by adding that “it’s completely un-American and just plain wrong.” He spoke of the difficulties surrounding the sale of CBD to a friend in a bar one night, to which his friend replied: “Why don’t you do something about it?”  And that was the spark Trojan needed.  He bought a bus able to run off biodiesel, clad it in images denoting the multiple vast uses of hemp like CBD oil (check here the best vape pens for CBD oil), hempcrete and many other everyday products, gathered his like-minded friends and hit the road.  


The Trip

January 2016 arrived and Trojan and his crew were off.  They began their journey at Iowa Caucus, traveling to all of the 48 contiguous states, as well as hitting Washing, D.C. and Puerto Rico along the way.  Trojan noted that the tour split into three definable phases whilst en route.  The first phase was following the presidential primaries throughout the country, aiming to impact as many voters and candidates as they could with their information about hemp. 

Secondly, they focused on targeting university campuses.  Lastly, they made their way to see the state and federal legislators at their home office in order to share their views on the legalization of hemp. The pro-hemp tour bus also showed up at specific events across the country, such as Vote Hemp Lobby Day, where they were able to meet with other pro-hemp business owners, including those of Winterfox Farms, Mt. Hempire, Dr. Bronner’s, Marcel Hemp, Nutiva and Dash Hemp.  


Hemp met excitement and uncertainty in the community

There were many ups and down right from the get-go of the Hemp Road Trip, “of course the bus breaks down the first day,” Trojan reminisced, laughing at the thought.   As the bus had broken down and the team waited for the necessary repairs, Trojan came across a farmer local to the area, hostile towards hemp. The farmer asked Trojan what he did and Trojan replied that he had a hemp farm in Colorado.

It perplexed Trojan that the farmer refused to shake his hand because he had a “commercial driver’s license” and was worried that by shaking Trojans’ hand, that it would show up as positive on a drug test.  But after just 45 minutes of talking, the farmer had changed his mindset towards hemp completely, shaking the hand of Trojan and commenting that he’d “got a lot more to learn but…our state could definitely use this crop.”  This early act defined the trip and set the tone for exactly how the rest of the adventure was set to go. 

Often people started off skeptical of hemp, but others were very enthusiastic about all of the pros that hemp could bring to them personally, as well as to their community as a whole.  We are living in economically challenging times currently and “a lot of people are struggling,” stated Trojan, but this puts another positive spin on hemp – it’s an opportunity!  He was frequently asked as to how people could get hemp into their communities, and though this was more a logistical or economic conversation, it did illustrate that “…we’ve made a lot of progress as an industry.”

The majority of legislators were cautious but open to hearing about the advantages of hemp too.  However, having driven to the Utah Senator’s office, the police were called and the K9 unit prevented Trojan and his team from seeing the Senators, but three days later they were in front of Wyoming’s Law Enforcement Academy (by mistake!) attempting to speak to different Senators.  The cops were initially scared by Trojan and his beliefs but they soon changed their thoughts. 

Trojan explained to us the politic stance of hemp, stating that both the Republicans and the Democrats are in support of hemp.  When talking to Republicans, Trojan promotes hemp as being “less government, more jobs, economic stimulus” which he feels are simple arguments to sway Republicans.  For the Democrats, he promotes “jobs, environmental factors, as well as the health benefits and the safeness of hemp use.”

The divisive atmosphere currently occurring in Congress could deter many from their fight, but Trojan remains positive that the Industrial Hemp Farming Act will be reintroduced and gain bipartisan support for hemp.


Next Step?

It’s a “daunting task,” states Trojan, but the next step is to turn the 18-month road trip into a documentary.  He hopes that the Hemp Road Trip will be seen as the most important, educational and best promotion of hemp in a decade.  Production has already started with the Indiegogo campaign covering all costs and raising publicity regarding the project specifically.  Trojan added that they may be on “a shoestring budget but we want to make a big splash.”  They are hiring independent bands for their music, crowdfunding donors receive additional perks and VIP tickets can be won to see the special screening of the Hemp Road Trip in Denver, which focuses on the “state of hemp…explains what hemp is…focuses less on the history and more on current events.”

  Trojan aims to educate viewers about the path to the legalization of hemp.  The history of hemp has been analyzed greatly in documentaries, such as Hemp for Victory: the government-made documentary.  Trojan wants the public to walk away from his new documentary feeling educated, knowing more about hemp, understand that the government needs to change their thinking, be excited about the possibilities that hemp brings and feel motivated enough to take action into their own hands.


Talk, Do, Take Political Action

In summary of his cross-country travels, Trojan stated that he had “learned that our political system is pretty messed up across the board.”  The biggest and continued opposition encountered on the trip was from that of the DEA, despite being informed of the advantages of hemp.  Critical of the DEA, Trojan feels that “if they can no longer seize cannabis as a drug they’re going to lost a lot of people and jobs; a lot of money.”  It seems to Trojan that the financially invested interested of the DEA is what they are trying to continue, though the economic investments contradict what is best for America.

The Hemp Road Trip did inspire Trojan as he “got more involved in our political process.”  He feels that is important not only to promote and ensure the legalization of hemp itself but to invest in the improvements of our country.  He closed his phone call with us by saying that “if you want to make a change, you’ve got to just get out and do it.  You can talk about it or you can do something and I’d rather just do something.”  And as you’ve just read on Cbd Oil Adviser, that’s exactly what he’s done! 

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