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Exploring New Areas For Hemp


Man-made Plastic

Stronger than the plastic we are all familiar with, hemp plastic is biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment.


Hemp requires half the amount of water that cotton needs to grow and also requires 25% of pesticides used across the world; hemp does not


Hemp yields are 4 times the amount of tree yields when it comes to paper.  In just 100 days, 4 acres of trees creates the same amount of paper as 1 acre of hemp.


Biofuels made using hemp are 86% greener than regular gas.  An added bonus is that it can be used in current vehicles, so they do not need converting at a high cost.


Hemp Helps Farmers

Hemp was initially legalized in Colorado just a few years ago, where the increase in cultivating hemp across the farms there has become massively popular.  Just as an example of this growth, a hemp crop was seeded and harvested in just 250 acres in 2014, with over 2,000 acres being seeded and harvested in 2015.

Just looking at these figures show nearly a 1000% growth in a singular year.  With an incredible number of farmers adopting the crop, the sum of cultivated hemp is set to reach the 20,000-acre mark this year.  Colorado may have been the first state to grow hemp legally, but now states like Hawaii and North Dakota are hot on Colorado’s heels.

They have witnessed the success of the hemp farmers in Colorado over the past few years and have re-educated themselves towards this new variety of crop, which an incredible number now view as a viable and affluent option.  If these incremental states are successful in their cultivating and harvesting of hemp, the adoption, and legalization of hemp farms with be dramatically hastened across the US.

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Fabulous future for farmers

Farmers of Colorado are including hemp in their crop rotations, but why are they doing so?  The answer really is quite simple: they have observed the results of Canada implementing the crop and want to replicate its success.

Canadian farmers have been earning around $250 an acre for their hemp crops which is an enormous increase when you make the comparison between hemp and a much more mainstream crop, such as wheat, which brings in an average of $30-$100 per acre.  To see the scale of hemp’s profit, the example of a farmer cultivating 1,000 acres profited $250,000 in 2012.

According to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, hemp growth has increased by 100%, with an estimated sum totaling reaching 100,000 acres by 2015.  90% of demand for Canadian hemp comes from the US, with around $150M of raw hemp being imported to satisfy their need.

Will the visibly high demand and financial rewards encourage more US farmers to trial the crop?  With the hemp market increasing by 20% on average every year, it is certain that the acreage of hemp products like Wyld CBD gummies across the US will continue to grow.


Hemp eradicates soil problems

What are the biggest problems for farmers that need solving in relation to their soil?  GMO monoculture of wheat and corn harvesting have had a considerably detrimental effect on the efficiency and output of the soil.

The soil is becoming increasingly dry and therefore soil erosion rates are heightening.  It has been stated by Colorado farmers that the earth they are farming with can be compared to that of the conditions of the 1930s Dust Bowl. 

The pollution of soil is a constant problem for farmers when deciding what can be grown in a specific area, but hemp is said to be able to solve these issues in the most eco-friendly of ways.  How?  It is able to adapt itself quickly and successfully to a wide array of climates and weather conditions, using its long, rapid growing roots to aid each plants success in drought-fuelled or otherwise damaged soil.

The foot-long taproots of hemp help to re-stabilize soil, too.  There is evidence of the success of this when looking to other countries, such as China, where hemp has been used to aid erosion control matters: this reason alone being the reason many Colorado farmers have decided to trial hemp in their crop cycles.


The Government requires farmers just as much as farmers need the government


Farmers gain subsidies from EU for hemp

The government requires farmers to produce sustainable amounts of food to keep their populations flourishing, but sometimes farmers need the government’s help in return.  This is a perfect example where the support of the government must be gained in order for hemp to be a successful new crop.

The EU subsidizes $400 for each acre of hemp to its farmers and this would be helpful if this could be replicated in the US, too.  The US is hugely behind the rest of the global market with the production of hemp and related research, so subsidies encouraging farmers to cultivate hemp would be of great benefit and a wise investment in the future of farming.

In a global context, hemp cultivation is dominated by three main regions: China, Europe, and Canada.  China has been growing hemp for use in their textile production for more than 10 years with their hemp productivity now over $200M. 

Growers across Europe were given a head start with their hemp cultivation having received government subsidies as incentives to aid the construction and industrial markets that hemp supplies.  Since just before the change of the millennium, Canada has cultivated hemp, largely using the hemp seeds to make products like infuse CBD gum in the food production industry, of which they globally dominate.

The US is multiple decades behind these three regions and many smaller regions, too.  We need to catch up with them and do it fast and well.  But in order to motivate, encourage and help our farmers to cultivate hemp, it is imperative that we gain the support of our government.  They rely on us farmers for so much and now it’s our turn to ask them a favor.

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