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Underwear is part of the modern lifestyle and everyone irrespective of age or culture needs to conceal or support parts of their body. Whether it’s reducing the friction of outer garments against the skin or keeping those outer garments from being soiled by perspiration or other bodily excretions, underwear has become an integral part of the universal dress code.

Due to the delicate nature of parts of the body covered by underwear, the material used in making such products has to be of high quality and texture that brings comfort to the body.

For a long time, the material of choice for underclothes has been cotton which has been touted to absorb moisture produced due to the perspiration. 100% cotton is known to provide exceptional comfort for the wearer and does not trap moisture and heat like synthetic materials such as nylon and lycra. For those who use underwear made of other materials, the advice has always been to ensure that there is cotton lining on the inside.

With numerous innovations in the world of fashion, manufacturers have come up with a variety of fabrics both natural and synthetic that can be used to make underpants. Cotton, Spandex, Bamboo, Microfiber, Satin, Silk and many other fabrics have been used in different combinations to produce suitable underpants that appeal to different segments of consumers.

Most of the fabrics used for making underwear have to meet certain basic requirements that consumers are looking for. These include fabrics that:

·   Absorb moisture

·   Dry quickly

·   Do not cling on the skin

·   Act against microbes.

·   Do not sag.

With all these factors in mind, a more exciting option is now available for the discerning consumer. Hemp underwear from WAMA is a natural alternative that performs better than cotton in terms of comfort, aesthetics, protection, and function.



Just like any other part of hemp, like hemp seeds. That can produce the best CBD oil, which can be used to cure different illnesses. Hemp fibers have been used extensively for a long time to produce clothing. The fabric made from hemp has the same texture as linen. Research has shown that hemp exhibits anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties in a natural form that can be exploited for various functions. At WAMA, hemp fiber is being used to produce underwear that is unique in every aspect to meet the needs of a dynamic marketplace full of demanding customers.

The presence of heat and moisture on the human skin provides a conducive environment for the growth of microbes. These germs cause skin irritation and unpleasant odors. This can be avoided by wearing underwear made from hemp fabric which is capable of killing bacteria and other microbes in a natural way.

There are brands which use linings made of silver to kill bacteria and prevent the resultant odor. However, exposing skin to silver has been reported to cause mild allergic reactions, such as inflammation or rashes and a condition called argyria, which is the discoloration of the skin. It is, therefore, safer to use hemp fabric which is an alternative that is natural.

With so many uses of hemp, from the seed that produces CBD oil which is Good for weight loss and anxiety. To its fabric that also been proved to be very breathable material that allows air to flow freely due to the porous nature of the material. This prevents the growth of yeast which can cause unpleasant infections. The fiber softens with age increasing your comfort with time as well as being mildew resistant.

Research has also shown that hemp clothing can prevent sunburn. The fabric has a protective element against UV radiation. This natural protection is important for those who want to enjoy the sun without the worry of harmful rays.

Hemp fiber was used to make the strongest ropes and sails for ships. This became more critical during the Second World War. The material has been found to be more durable and stronger than cotton. Click here to read more comparison between cotton and hemp.

Hemp is also ecologically friendly to grow compared to cotton. Growing cotton consumes 25% of the world’s pesticides while cultivating hemp does not require the use of pesticides. Cotton requires copious amounts of water to convert it into fabric – 50 percent more than hemp and consumes 7 percent of fertilizer used worldwide. All these factors show that growing cotton contributes on a large scale to environmental degradation and associated climate change.

Hemp fabric has the same texture as that of linen giving you the comfort necessary for such intimate wear. Once you get a pair for yourself the feeling of exceptional quality is hard to ignore.



WAMA Underwear is a new sensation of intimate wear that represents the all natural look of fashion. This new start-up is revolutionizing the world of natural fabric that brings a fresh dimension to style while preserving the environment.

While hemp is known for medicinal usage with so many great products like CBD oil gel capsules. Now In a bid to make underwear fashionable and cool in a subtle way, CBD Oil Adviser have decided to raise awareness about the benefits of hemp to the fashion industry. From women’s hemp hipsters to men’s boxer briefs, WAMA is bringing to life the ultimate combination of comfort and Mother Nature in sync with fashion.

The clothing industry has been reported to be the second largest polluter in the world largely due to the use of cotton. Cultivation of cotton requires large volumes of water and countless pesticides representing 25 percent of all pesticides not to mention the toxic dyes used in manufacturing the fabric. For example, 5,000 gallons of water are needed to manufacture one T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

Delivering the finished garments across the world is done using container ships which are fueled by fossil fuels. Add to this the regular washing of clothes and their final disposal and it becomes clear that the impact on the environment is enormous. 

Manufacturers have been turning to alternatives like synthetic fibers which can be used on their own or blended with cotton. The advantage of cotton is that it is a natural product that packs comfort and does not trap moisture or heat whereas the synthetics lack these benefits.

The carbon footprint associated with the use of cotton is a disadvantage that WAMA has decided to address. While so many great medicinal products like CBD chew gum are built with hemp. It turns out that Hemp is also more sustainable and profitable option to cotton for the production of fabric. Hemp uses a fraction of the water that cotton requires and does not need pesticides to grow.


At WAMA we focus on a natural and organic approach by partnering exclusively with suppliers certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This ensures that our underwear meets the highest standards in fabric choice, pattern and design, resulting in a fashionable piece made out of hemp.

You will not only feel good wearing a natural hemp underwear that preserves the environment under the WAMA brand but also the pleasure of owning a piece of fashion that represents the best in its class.


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