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Every society needs clean and healthy water if they are actually to prosper.

This, however, is not the case as a different crisis in recent times like the Flint, Michigan has clearly indicated that clean water continually poses a big problem even for some of the most developed countries inclusive of the US.  The question would be, could be an available low-cost, easy solution to cover for the aged water systems which filter as well as purifying water from taps and one would not need to use chemicals that are harmful or even banking on highly priced systems?

Hemp is most commonly known for medicinal purposes and products like oils or even CBD chew gum. Why not use hemp for water filtration? It could be the most feasible answer to the question above. 

The Foundation for Industrial Hemp Production & Research (FIHPR) which is a non-profit organization, did over 2 years worth of research as well development that led to the organization developing a hemp microfiber water filter. This filter has addressed a lot of issues seen and unseen which include reduction of rust, chlorine as well as E.Coli.  It has a natural filter media which has been scientifically attested to have anti-bacterial/-microbial hemp fiber along with an active coconut shell carbon, which enables one to get better purification which is far better than most pitchers in the market as well as faucet filters. 

An anonymous person who tested the filter testified to the fact that it worked very well.  He pointed out that their water was terrible and their pipes must be rusted, a situation that the landlord was not taking care of.  He professed that from the time they got an HMF filter, they did not experience any residues and he felt confident that the situation had improved and the quality of water they were using was all great.



Michael, who founded FIHPR began his research on water purification using hemp micro-fibers after and a retired-navy who is an entrepreneur requested him to do this two years before. He initially began his research on a hemp biodiesel project where he made a discovery of the antibacterial nature found in hemp fibers which could be useful to consumers in the market. Just like the development of hemp oil products that led to different types. Among this is CBD hemp oil capsules, that can also be useful to the consumers.

After his discovery, Michael decided to focus on researching as well as prototyping for two years. Being a student schooling at the University of South Florida whose major is in Chemical Engineering, he has committed the majority of his own research as well as extra time in the development of the hemp filter. He does not love the people using toxic chemicals as well as materials that are not organic, as these are among causatives for illnesses in people. With this, his non-profit has been working to avail healthier options which work in reducing harmful contents of municipal filtration. Each of their filters is safe for use and without toxic contents.



FIHPR have indicated that there are several advantages to their filter. Such is inclusive of an almost limitless resistance to mildew, mold, as well as other features found in common filters. The focus surrounding these filters is to ensure households in America and across the world find a simple and effective way for filtration options.

This is the only method of purification that is able to get results that include anti-bacterial/microbial results as the inclusive use of  UV-radiation as well as chlorine.  The previous solution is very expensive and heavy though the latter is very toxic. While countless uses of hemp have been discovered like using CBD oil for migraines, the industry have been exploring other areas too. Using hemp for purification happens to be a great option as it is cost effective and it is not toxic.

What Michael built is a very special filter. It not only softens water but it also purifies it and makes it safe for use for households for families. The microfibers in hemp take up and destroy about 95% of bacteria as well as microbes and do not leave a trace of toxic residue. In the most effective manner, it works on reducing natural gas, dyes as well as tannins.



According to a report by UN-Water about 783 million people around the world cannot get their hands on clean water as well as about 2.5 billion have no access to enough sanitation.  The numbers, as well as a study conducted by the National Resource Defense Council on copper and Lead violations, give an adequate scenario of the water situation around the world.

If people would adopt the hemp filters for purification. Just like adopting other hemp oil products like CBD oil capsules good for weight loss, we might have found the right tool to help impact the crisis at hand in a positive way.  Being a non-profit, they have made it their mission to offer filters without a cost especially for communities that really need this while working on modernizing aging as well as developing infrastructure across the globe.

What was experienced in Flint Michigan became a crucial reminder of why quality drinking water is essential in every society. Contamination and scarcity have become a big issue that needs addressing across the globe, in this case, an environmental friendly as well as a cost-effective solution which is the hemp filter.


The most unfortunate thing is that consumers usually go for what they get in the market and on most occasions they do not even know whether this improves the state of the water they get from their taps. The founder requests that clients with inquiries should contact the organization directly on the following number   +1(727)271-9916  and they are assured of instant assistance being provided to them. The costs go for $29.99   and they also have refills that are availed in packs of four for $64.99.  FIHPR’s intention is to use the proceeds garnered from this to found a non-profit that would entirely work to offer enough filtration to those who need this service at no charges as well as working on expanding the filters and other services.

 Want can you say about using Hemp Water Filter? Does it really change the world? Let us know at CBD Oil Adviser.

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