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Considering it is against the law to grow hemp and hemp related goods like CBD sour gummies in the U.S., you may wonder where we source our hemp from. This comprehensive guide will show you exactly where.


Which countries across the world are the biggest hemp growers?

According to the Cbd Oil Adviser there are 23 countries across the world which currently grow hemp. These countries span continents, including Africa, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific.

There are also three countries which are piloting the growing of hemp, which is the Netherlands, Japan, and the U.S. This is a leap forward in the hemp world.


Global Hemp Movement

Unfortunately, the U.S. is many decades behind its overseas counterparts when it comes to researching hemp and its beneficial attributes.


Where Do We Source Our Hemp




The biggest exporters of hemp and hemp-based products such as organic CBD oil vape by far is China. Many of our competitors get their hemp from factories in Asia or Chinese farmers. Even though it’s hard to determine how large China’s hemp industry actually is for various reasons, recent research has shown that the profits could be up to 200 million dollars. The hemp seed industry in China is booming currently, even though it’s not as mediated as its Canadian counterpart. Customers are warned to be cautious about buying hemp goods when websites and suppliers have not made the origins clear.



The largest exporter and producer of hemp seed goods is now firmly Canada; that’s not including, of course, protein powders which use hemp and hemp oils (know where to buy CBD oil in Canada for migraines). Canada holds up to the 90th percentile of the U.S import of hemp seeds. Why is Canadian hemp so good, you may ask – they’re such a high quality due to local farmers abiding by such strict laws and regulations when cultivating, listed under certain sections of the country’s law. Farmers in Canada never use pesticides and their crops are non-genetically modified, passing ‘Pro-Cert Organic’ certifications, which put consumers’ minds at ease when buying.




In Europe, hemp has been utilized as a material for construction and even in automobiles, would you believe? In fact, most of the European-grown hemp comes from Eastern European counties like Hungary, Russia and even Romania. Having said this, lots of other European countries do grow hemp for other reasons. The entire hemp movement was established again in Europe as its farmers and agricultural workers had been subsidized 400 dollars an acre when they grew hemp through the 90s.



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