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The Highland Hemp House is a uniquely built house in Bellingham, Washington. Originally constructed in 1969, the Highland Hemp House was remodeled by Pamela Bosch in an attempt to replace the older, toxic building materials and practices that had been previously used with something more sustainable and better suited to our everyday, modern needs.

By using hempcrete, a combination of hemp hurd – the woody core of the hemp plant – and lime and water, Bosch has managed to create a healthier, more eco-friendly and sustainable construction process for this old building.

Bosch hired Hempitecture, an organization of hempcrete experts, to oversee the retrofit project for Highland Hemp House. Hempitecture have had previous, successful experience in hemp construction. Most noteworthy is their project in Idaho where they have worked to construct a retreat center at 7,468. in the Lost River Mountains entirely from hempcrete.

This Idaho basecamp uses the hempcrete center for yoga and other exercise classes for people who want to get back in touch with nature, for health or spiritual purposes.


Highland Hemp House: Why Use Hempcrete?

Like any other hemp products like CBD oil (check out here the best CBD oil on Amazon), that is essential to our bodies. Hempcrete is also a healthier, more sustainable and eco-friendly material for construction when compared to traditional concretes. Hempcrete is a natural material that is healthier for occupants due to the fact it is breathable as its main component is a plant.

Hempcrete is also naturally mold-resistant, pest-resistant, and fire-resistant making it a much better and safer material to build residential homes with.

Hempcrete also has incredibly efficient energy insulation properties and is non-toxic. Since the hemp plant absorbs CO2 naturally, hempcrete made from the plant is carbon negative.

In case these benefits aren’t enough for you, buildings made from hempcrete also have great acoustics.

Not only is hempcrete a naturally sustainable material, but it is also so easy to use. Anyone who is willing can learn how to construct and make using this formula. The construction process when using hempcrete is so simple; builders will mix hempcrete and spread it into forms to build walls.

When the mixture has set, the forms are removed and the wall will be constructed. Buildings made from hempcrete will actually grow even more durable over time.

Highland Hemp House is not only an amazing exhibition of hempcrete and its uses, but it also is open to the public to provide a vital education into the material. Highland Hemp House is frequently open for workshops, tours and hands-on building exercises for all who want to learn more about this revolutionary, natural construction.

So far, thanks to these workshops and willing construction workers, Highland Hemp House has poured over 587 batches of hempcrete over 1150 hours of labor.

Pamela Bosch hopes work will continue with Highland Hemp House and that more people will be made aware of the benefits of hempcrete. Through their workshops and tours, the building sees more and more people every day becoming informed about this material and seeing the potentials of using it themselves.

Bosch said that she believes that Highland Hemp House is “a physical testament to the beauty and potential in hemp building,” and Just like the hopes of many hemp advocates to legalize all of the hemp products like cannabidiol CBD capsules. He also hopes that hempcrete will one day become a highly-used construction material due to its benefits on our homes, industries, and our planet overall. 



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