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In the past one week, we were able to sample Hippie Butter’s Hemp Seed Butter products. The company provides two types of seed butter. Their original flavor which is the Gourmet Hemp Seed Butter and their chocolate flavor the Cacao Hemp Seed Butter. Let us now take an in-depth look at the two products. 

Hippie Butter’s Gourmet Hemp Seed Butter and Cacao Hemp Seed Butter


The Gourmet Hemp Seed Butter

To be honest. my initial reaction the first time I got the lid off the bottle was one of uncertainty. The content is green in color and is very close to the consistency experienced with peanut butter. This was not the best color nor was it attractive. They have indicated on their site that the Gourmet Hemp Seed Butter is ground as well as pressed from the Hemp seed. The green shade is simply because of the chlorophyll content available and needs we also that it is also healthy? As healthy as other hemp products like CBD chew gum?


It has a natural taste that can be very addictive. And because it is a grounded form of hemp seeds, it has a certain uniqueness in its nutty flavor of hemp seeds which becomes more accentuated. The taste may be a little different and for some, extremely unique but with time, you get used to the taste. If in any case you are interested in adding sweetness to the nutty flavor, it would be advisable to use honey as well as cinnamon as they are very efficient.


The Cacao Hemp Seed Butter



This has a better look as compared to Gourmet as any person would make the assumption because of its chocolate flavor. It is reddish brown in color and has hemp seeds that can be seen all over. Consistency in this butter is a little harder in comparison to the Gourmet hemp butter. I decided to put this in the refrigerator and it got harder which made sure that I could spread it on a toast I was making. To be honest, though, I was still able to use my knife to remove the butter from the jar.


The company did an exemplary job with the flavor of the Cacao Hemp Butter. It has a dark chocolate as well as nutty taste which can make one crave for more.  You may find that it is not very sweet the reason being that its nutty flavor helps in balancing the sweetness.  In this case, the feeling you will experience will not be as though you have had a lot of the sweetness. Because of the chocolate flavor, I found no need of adding something to the butter. In all honesty, this felt like a healthier form of Nutella. 



I sampled the hemp seed butter in a couple different methods for a few days. I started by toasting bread as well as making a sandwich from the butter, I added pieces of an apple that had been dipped in the butter, I also tried this for my snacking and had one spoon of the same.  There are other options one could have this in the form of snack-for starters, you can starting by spreading this over crackers or even mixing the same in a smoothie.


In my personal opinion, I had fun spreading the Gourmet Hemp Seed Butter on apples more than the Cacao Hemp Butter.  The apple sweetness blended extremely well with a nutty flavor from the original hemp seed flavor. As for the Cacao Hemp Butter, it was easy and fun having to spread it on toast and having the same as a snack late at night when I needed to have something.  You will find it to satisfy the sweet cravings that you may have as well as being a great option for healthy alternatives instead of having junk. If you’re aware of calories and you wanted to be fit maybe you can try the best CBD oil for weight loss products that also made from hemp seed.


For the few weeks I was having the hemp butter, I noticed great dietary benefits which made me LOVE the hemp butter. Just as the company states on their site, they provide their clients with perfection in nutrition.  They provide these with 11grams of protein in each serving and a similar portion of amino acids from different protein sources like milk, eggs, meat as well as soy.

That said, I can attest to the fact that this butter will keep you feeling full for longer. I noticed that after using the same on the toast I made during breakfast, especially with my toast or on apples, I have been able to keep hunger pangs at bay for longer than usual. I am able to wait until lunch before I can have anything else inclusive of snacks.  I was also energized from morning to evening after I added this butter to my daily diet.


If you are not certain about whether you would like to sample products from hemp seeds like any other CBD hemp oil for sale. I highly advise you try Hippie Butter’s, Hemp Seed Butters. They are a good method of adding hemp seeds to your diet and you may even end up loving hemp.  As seen below, find a summary of these products manufactured from hemp seed butter:

We take it as our personal duty to review what is the best CBD oil on the market as well as products like vape for CBD oil in order to highlight their advantages and the different ways in which hemp can be applied in our day to day lives. CBD Oil Adviser have made it our mission to bring you honest opinions as well as thoughts in order to help you be able to make a great decision when you consider purchasing hemp.


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