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‘Make it a Hippie Day!’ is a new, healthy food company, Hippie Butter’s, life motto. Hippie Butter has a mission: to offer its customers healthier foods and leave the planet in a healthier state for our children and grandchildren.


Ministry of Hemp had a chat with Hippie Butter big dog, Brad Ervin, to see what he had to say on the matter. His large range of hemp products includes everything from hemp seed bars, to protein, and also coffee-infused hemp!

It was a privilege to chat with Brad and see what made him so passionate about his company, and the hemp goods that it provides. He also gave us an insight into what why consumers are sending in rave reviews about the products he sells.


Hello Brad. What’s the hemp community like where you’re originally from?

Brad Ervin: Yeah, I live on five acres of land in Kauffman County in Texas. Hippie Butter is on everybody’s lips all day, every day here – and we ARE the hemp community here. In the mornings, we kick-start the day with a Hemp Seed Coffee, nothing less will do, as we make sure the animals are fed and watered, as well as tackling the emails we’ve received overnight.

We also sip on Hemp Seed Protein Power smoothies to keep us going, as we reach out to around 500,000+ social media followers on some of the world’s biggest social media platforms. We make sure that we always make time for a spot of lunch and, of course, meditation. The majority of the rest of our days is made up with working on out the website, creating interesting and engaging copy for our blog posts, answering calls, taking orders and working on our marketing strategy. We always make sure to take breaks to entertain our dogs and have a walk about – just to keep us in a great mind space and maintain our good mental health. It’s no surprise we’re all so positive and happy!

We do all of this, and we don’t have to wear anything formal like suits, ties or pantyhose. We do still wear clothing (don’t worry), but we make sure that we dress as comfortably as possible as we go about our day to day working life, which aids our happiness.


What did you do before you did this? What made your passion for hemp grow so strong?

BE: Before I got involved in the world of hemp, I was a top chef, a sound engineer for 25 years and now, this – how things change. It was as I traveled around the world with famous artists like including the Beatles-famous Paul McCartney, and many others when I unearthed power of the “superfood” I’ve come to know and love – hemp seeds.

While touring Canada, I became very ill from lack of sleep and bad food, which isn’t uncommon in my area of work – it was then that I stopped for a bite to eat in a convenience shop which happened to have hemp seeds in. As soon as I tried them for the first time, I loved the crunchy and heavily nutty taste and started feeling good for it, so ate a handful of them a day. It didn’t take me long to feel more energized, much less stressed and more myself again. I also had a strange sense of well-being which overcame me, that I hadn’t felt for a long time.

After a while, I realized that I couldn’t keep hemp seeds to myself, they were far too good. It was then that I took them home to show my better half, who suffers badly with her thyroid. She tried them, and immediately found them making her feel better, boosting her energy and her sense of happiness and self-worth. She has sense passed the word of the hemp seeds on to her closest companions and family, and suddenly, word gets around and we can hardly keep up with the amount of stock ordered!

People kept saying, “we need a company who provide high-quality and tasty hemp seed goods in the US” and here we are.

Initially, when I originally bought the hemp seeds in bulk, I came across the problem of finding an American-based company who could carry them. Finding good quality hemp seeds was near enough impossible, and that is when I had my lightbulb moment. I spoke to my wife about it, and she was in agreement, we needed to launch our product.


Tell us about your vision and your ultimate hemp mission.

‘Make it a Hippie Day’ has always been our motto, and it always will be. We will never forget the root of our passions which is HEMP!

We live our lives by our mission statement, which is “to process, package, promote and generally continue to develop delicious and nutritious hemp goods for our customers across the world. We want people to be able to use our goods for multiple reasons, including skin care, hair care, drinks snacks. In turn, we want to leave the planet a better place for our future generations, it’s as simple as that.” We have our mission statement at the forefront of our minds, in everything that we do.


What is the essence of your brand? Can you describe your ethos for us?

BE: We want everyone to associate our superfoods with wellness and happiness. We are affectionately known as the‘happy hippies of Hippie Butter’, which is reflected in our logo, the happy, smiley ‘Hempie’.

We love nothing more than connecting with people through various social media platforms, as well as food markets and festivals. We always like to promote our commitment to healthy generations of people and hemp-rich foods like CBD gum (CBD gum? where to get it?) through our social interactions and nutritious products.


Your products do seem to cover a dietary niche in the market. How do you think your customers have reacted to this?

Our customers love all of our products because they’re synonymous with health – they’ve got everything bad you could imagine taken out of them, they’re not remotely processed and offer a fantastic alternative to dairy, nut, and flour – meaning even people with severe allergies can enjoy our products.

BE: As soon as our customers sample our complimentary hemp seed samples, they are hooked, so it’s not a leap of faith to jump into our huge range of other hemp products like miracle CBD gummies and goods. Moms are our biggest target audience, as they love giving such rich, good foods to their kids. Our Hemp Seed and Cacao Butter is the real jewel in the crown of our business, so to speak. It blows most customers minds. A lot of feedback has suggested that customers just spoon it right from the jar into their mouths. We’ll let you into a little secret, we do too…


Why do you think other companies haven’t got onto hemp products? Do you think there’s a stigma or a misconception with the product?

BE: The biggest roadblock for us is that a lot of people don’t know the huge benefits which you can get from introducing hemp products into your diet and lifestyle. There is an abundance of online stores where you can buy CBD oil for weight loss. We tackle this problem by helping people learn that not only are they delicious, but they’re healthy and legal – which is the most common misconception about hemp.

Hippie Butter’s interactive, multiple-platform website, and social media feed makes sure that it showcases educational information about the hemp seeds that we offer, banging those misconceptions on the head from the off.

We also offer cooking videos which show our target audience how to incorporate the healthy, nutritious and delicious goodness of hemp seeds into irregular meal times. We also offer free hemp seed complimentary samples, in order for customers to “try before they buy”. For more information, see our website.


What do you like the best about the industry that you’ve found yourself in?

All of our team adore meeting new customers, just like you, and seeing their joy and engagement when we tell them about the good things that the hemp plant can do for them and their families.

BE: In the early days, our successes were down to our good working relationship with fellow experts in the industry. I was lucky enough to have several phone calls with the inspirational author and all-around good guy, Jack Herer – author of a very well-regarded book.

Jack inspired us massively and gave, in a way, us our ‘reason to become a company’, if you will, along with the hope and confidence we needed to follow our hempy dreams. Jack made sure we met more of the industry’s ‘movers and shakers’, who because our friends, educators, and mentors, and eventually became our ‘tribe’.


Any roadblocks you wouldn’t mind sharing with us today?

BE: Chinese hemp products can be very reasonable and tempting – but resist! I urge you! That’s my biggest piece of advice. Every last piece of our hemp seed comes from fields of North America. It’s all about keeping it local. We work closely local American hemp farmers who help us to plan future hemp products. Go go America!


Any other comments for us today?

BE: Our products embrace Jeff Hunter’s” philosophy, which he describes as:

“Ethical, spiritual and most importantly, moral dimensions must be spread throughout any business in order for it to thrive. This is the modern way of running a business and you truly must believe in what you do and how you operate. It’s the integration of business and pleasure, head and heart, and spirit with soul. You’ve got to have a sense of lust and love for your product, in order to make it thrive.”

–Quote from Jeff Hutner’s impressive book, The Birth of Evolutionary Business

You speak the truth, Jack.

Brad, it’s been a pleasure. You’re informative, passionate and truly inspirational. Oh, and everything you’re doing with our new favorite hemp brand, Hippie Butter. We’ve learned a lot today and can’t wait for the next hemp product launch. Cbd Oil Adviser are watching this space!

4.9/519 ratings