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Delivering high quality, organic hemp products like CBD oil (find organic CBD oil near you here: organic CBD oil near me). Those who prefer a healthier, natural lifestyle. Not only are all their products vegan, but also free from GMO’s, gluten, and sugar. Their products are made in small batches by hand to always ensure the best standards.


What is Hippy Butter?

The mission of Hippy Butter is to provide 100% organic hemp seed products to customers preferring to eat and live more naturally. Their Butters both taste great and are packed full of nutrients such as protein, amino acids, and fatty acids. Hippy Butter offers a varied selection of hemp-based food products that integrate easily into your regular diet.

Hippy Butter was founded by Brad Ervin, who personally benefited from the uses of hemp foods after falling ill during his time touring as a sound engineer. After noticing the effects of hemp seeds were making him feel more energized and less stressed, he was inspired to pursue a dedicated career in hemp seed products. Having already had a career as a chef, was already off to a great start.

Hippy Butter has come a long way since their two original products which consisted of toasted and hulled hemp seeds. They are now offering a vast array of delicious, high-quality, organic, and vegan-certified hemp seed goods with the aim of promoting and delivering healthy food to generations.


Why We Choose Hippy Butter

Not only are Hippy Butter’s hemp seed products high in nutritional value but they taste great too.



Gourmet Hemp Seed Butter

This butter is raw and unrefined which allows for the nutritional properties to be preserved. The hemp seeds are finely ground and like almond butter in consistency. These include but are not limited to a high protein content, all 10 amino acids, and 4 fatty acids including omega-3 making it even easier to live well on a vegan diet.

Pairing particularly well with honey and cinnamon straight on toast, this diverse spread can also be used in dressings, sauces, and marinades. With a consistency a little thicker than peanut butter. Don’t be alarmed by its green hue, this is due to its high chlorophyll content which is also beneficial to human health.



Cacao Hemp Seed Butter

Like Gourmet Hemp Seed Butter, this butter is also raw and unrefined. This butter is combined with cacao and cashew to create a sweeter alternative to its original counterpart. Cacao has the same high nutritional content and consistency but has a dark-chocolate, nutty flavor. This indulgent butter is perfect for using as a treat in smoothies, with fruit or on top of deserts.

It would also go well as a spread for toast and in the sauces of main meals for a richer flavor. It is possible to get the same portion of amino acids from Cacao Hemp Butter as milk, eggs, meat, and soy. All this as well as the added benefits of cacao and cashews it’s combined with, ensuring your kids are getting the right nutrients will no longer be a problem.


What Customers Say


Cacao Hemp Seed Butter proves that superfoods can taste amazing too!


So much tastier than I imagined. I expected that something so healthy wouldn’t taste very nice and I was pleasantly surprised.

Incredibly healthy

Hemp Butter is so good for you. I combine it with other types of nut butter for variation and eat it on sprouted hemp bread. 


Where Is The Hemp From?

The hemp seeds used in Hippy Butter come from Canada(cbdoiladviser.com), where most of the world’s hemp seeds are grown. Because the farmers don’t use pesticides on any of their harvests, the quality of their hemp is ensured to be the best, and always organic.

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