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CBD oil is no doubt an incredible supplement but as is the case within any growing industry, scammers and con-artists are rife and are trying to rip consumers off.  

With this in mind, it is, of course, important for potential customers to be able to identify high-quality oils, to avoid potential scams.  

Unfortunately, as CBD oil grows in popularity, new brands are appearing almost daily, with each of them promising a high-quality product.  

So what should consumers be looking for, in their search? 

Cbd Oil Adviser have put together a guide to help you source high-quality CBD amongst the low-end, low-quality counterfeit products that are widely available online.  

CBD, is extracted from cannabis plants, most commonly agricultural hemp, although it is also present in marijuana.  

The reason being that these varieties of cannabis contain less of something called THC, which will be explained in greater detail later. Essentially though, THC is the chemical that is responsible for giving the consumer or the user the feeling of a ‘high’. 

CBD is able to offer many of the health benefits of medical marijuana without this ‘high’, thus making it the far more appealing and less controversial choice for users and the wider community. Whilst also being a far more versatile product.  

However, not only will low-grade CBD oil not offer these same benefits, when compared to the high-quality products in the industry, it could also be very harmful for human consumption, owing to the harmful toxins that could be present.  

With this in mind, it is no doubt vital to identify top-quality CBD oil – and here are five tips to help you do so:


1. Consider the Importance of How CBD Oil Is Made: 

With the CBD industry still largely in its infancy, unfortunately, there are little to no regulations in place to help control the manufacturing process.  

Ultimately, this leads to different extraction methods being used by each brand to process their CBD oil from hemp plants.  

As some companies look to maximize profits, whilst providing a cheap product for consumers, cheaper extraction methods are often used.  

These cheaper extraction methods often require toxic solvents, such as propane, which is potentially a huge risk to the wellbeing of consumers. The gases present in these solvents are found in petroleum, with propane commonly used in gas stoves.  

The method generally considered as the process that yields the highest number of cannabinoids is the use of organic ethanol.  

The ethanol is used to remove unneeded toxins from the hemp plant – in addition to producing the greatest yield of cannabinoids, this process is also considered the safest method of extracting CBD oil for consumptions.  

In addition, CBD oil can also be extracted and manufactured through supercritical CO2 extraction.  

This involves using carbon dioxide in a cold, pressurized environment, and requires more costly equipment than other methods, as well as requiring a greater level of expertise.  

However, these greater levels of expenditure and expertise are not wasted. They help the CBD oil maintain purity through the whole process.  

Before purchasing CBD oil, be sure to research the chosen production method. The relevant information should be obtained online or via customer services.  

Our recommendation is that you purchase oil that is processed through ethanol or CO2 extraction and that you swerve those impure, cost-cutting methods as best you can.  


2. Properly Source Your CBD:  

As with any manufactured product, a high-quality product requires high-quality materials.  

This is as prevalent in the CBD industry as it is elsewhere, especially with hemp being known as a hyperaccumulator. That is to say, the hemp absorbs whatever is in the ground where it is cultivated and farmed.  

In short, this means that hemp plants grown in rich soil would be of a higher quality than those grown in contaminated soil.  

Where the rich soil would provide high-quality CBD oil, the impurities from contaminated land would also be absorbed by the plant and therefore be present in the CBD oil. 

This could potentially make the CBD infused hemp oil for pets unfit for human consumption.  

In order to avoid any nasty surprises, find out where your chosen brand sources their hemp from. Where you can, locate US-based hemp, as farmers in the United States are required to be certified, which is not something that can be said for global brands.  

Again, this information can be obtained online or via the support network of your chosen company.


3. THC Levels:  

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC hereafter), is one of the cannabinoids present in hemp plants and, as mentioned earlier in the article, it can have a psychoactive effect on the human body, giving the consumer what is commonly known as a ‘high’, altering their mindset.  

The lower levels of THC found in hemp, compared with those in marijuana, is why the hemp-plant is preferable when manufacturing CBD.  

However, just because the levels of THC in hemp are lower, that does not mean that they are absent. These levels can still cause psychoactive effects when not properly processed.  

As CBD oil is made from such a high number of hemp extracts, possibly in the thousands in some cases, a small percentage of THC could still be present in CBD oils that have been processed incorrectly.  

You should know that the optimal level of THC that should be present in CBD oils should be 0.3 percent or under. Make sure that you check the labels of your chosen CBD oil capsules for migraines before purchasing them.



4. What to Look for On Labels:

Another one to mark off the checklist. Good, top-quality CBD oil is manufactured using the whole hemp plant.  

CBD Isolates are increasing in popularity, for the sole reason of cost-saving. It is far cheaper than using whole plant extracts.  

Using the whole plant ensures the oil contains a full range of beneficial constituents of the hemp plant, not just CBD.  

These constituents, which include but are not limited to terpenes and flavonoids and provide far more benefits than the CBD alone.  

As always, be sure to check the label to know which CBD oil is best for anxiety, but know what you are looking for.  

Some brands use the term ‘Whole Plant’ to signify the use of the entire plant in their products, whilst others use the term ‘Full Spectrum.’  


5. Lab-Results And Why They Are Important:  

Simply put, high-quality CBD brands provide third-party lab results. Not all products will pass these tests, with some failing the more detailed or extensive tests.  

The purpose of such tests is to ensure the purity of the CBD oil, and make sure that brands are delivering on their promises, and not leading customers down the hypothetical garden path.  

With this in mind, remember that reputable brands should always provide recent lab results, whether on their website, packaging, or both.  

Good customer service is another sure sign of a strong brand, and this is equally as prevalent in the CBD industry as it is across all industries. If you feel unsure, why not get in touch with your chosen brand for help. If you cannot find these results, a good customer service team should be able to point you in the right direction. Start now by locating the places that sell CBD oil near me legally.


To Summarise:  

With CBD oil growing in popularity on what seems like a daily basis, it is certainly here to stay.  

Most CBD brands are committed to delivering high-quality products. However, unfortunately, there are still companies out there who do not maintain this level of integrity, risking the reputation of the industry and wellbeing of their customers by providing a lower-quality product.  

As time goes on, the growth of those companies producing low-end CBD oil is likely to be stifled by increased regulations and stricter enforcement of manufacturing laws and guidelines – especially after the full legalization of hemp.  

However, until this happens, it is imperative that you, as a consumer, are cautious about the CBD brands that you put your trust in.  

We have detailed five important things to look out for when purchasing CBD oil and offered suggestions on how to determine the integrity of your chosen brand but we cannot stress enough the importance of carrying out your own research, prior to making your purchase.  

However, we realize that this article has been somewhat ‘wordy’, so just in case you require a quick refresh of our recommendations, they are:  

– Before purchasing CBD oil, research production methods. CBD oils that have been processed through ethanol or supercritical CO2 extraction are preferable.  

– Look into where brands source their hemp from. If possible, try to find US grown hemp, due to the fact that US farmers are required to be certified.  

– Levels of THC in CBD oils should not exceed more than 0.3 percent. Be sure to check the labels or ask for lab results for CBD oils before purchasing them.  

– Check the labels on products to determine whether a manufacturer uses the whole plant in their products. Some brands will use the term ‘Whole Plant’ with others using ‘Full Spectrum.’ 

– Check for third-party lab results, as a high-quality brand of CBD should always provide third-party lab results to consumers.  

When entering what is a saturated CBD market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Especially with such a large number of brands now widely available, but now that you are armed with some background knowledge and information, you can rest assured that you should be making the correct choice.

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