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CBD oil could soon become harder to access in Indiana.

 It was very disappointing for General Curtis Hill the Indiana Attorney General to put out his opinion back in November 2st inclining to the fact that CBD is not legal for use by a majority of the residents from his state. In as much as what he said does not reflect on the law, his opinions are more likely to bring hellfire on CBD retailers leaving consumers in a very uncertain situation legally. 

We previously wrote an article on Indiana’s state law which was to help in improving the accessibility of CBD for people suffering from epilepsy though this led to searches on the best CBD oil company. Things started being better after the police discovered that they were not able to tell the legal status of this supplement and within no time, vendors were able to restock and sell to their clients. 

CBD as an extract is derived from industrial hemp which is one of the members of the cannabis plant. Unlike marijuana which makes people get high, CBD does not give this effect. Most people find it working out very well for them with its very diverse benefits inclusive of reduction of inflammation brought about by arthritis as well as giving them the benefit of having a clear head so that they can concentrate on the tasks they wish to undertake each day.

Numerous evidence backed by scientific studies indicate that CBD oil has very limited side effects, is safe to use and has very diverse advantages for your health. Majority of the experts believe and emphasize that CBD has legal status in the U.S currently though Hill’s statement may bring about the uncertainty that for this supplement that should be made available to everyone who really needs it. Find out here if is it legal to purchase CBD oil for migraines?



In his statement, he indicated that due to legal interpretation, products that were being marketed for consumption by people and having CBD was not legal in Indiana or even as far as federal laws were concerned. 

In reality, there has been doubting surrounding the use of CBD with and the majority of the people believing that CBD is supposed to be legalized and even could already be fully legal.

The best discovery to the benefits of CBD is the fact that it does work for those people suffering from epilepsy regardless of whether the disease was at the worst stages and different treatment methods had failed to work.  Just as a couple of other states, the Indiana General Assembly had passed a law back in April meant to increase access for those suffering from epilepsy to CBD products. Know here what is the best CBD oil for depression and anxiety.

As soon as the law was signed, the state’s police started raiding shops that were selling the products taking away 3000 products as established by an investigation by The Indianapolis Star which they published in September.

Those in legislation, CBD vendors as well as the end users highly objected to these unintentional consequences that came with the law and this brought a halt to the raids. The products were then restocked in store. The Attorney General however assured people that he would throw in his opinion about the matter and this is what brought us to this controversial statement he released.

For years, industrial hemp had been fully illegal in the U.S as well as the different forms of cannabis. President Obama, however, signed the Farm Bill in 2014 which saw the legalization of industrial hemp for the sole purpose of research and this gave the different states the mandate to come up with regulations that would help in the research process within the given state. A follow-up legalization prohibited the federal government from using resources unnecessarily prosecuting people who were involved in the program.

According to John Webb, this is one of the most absurd things that has ever been done in Indiana.

Though the DEA keeps threatening to bring down CBD, those advocating for hemp as well as different legal experts indicate that the 2014 Farm Bill made legal the selling of hemp products like vape CBD oil which is inclusive of CBD that is under research programs that work in protecting hemp goods that are imported into the country.  The industry involving CBD has repeatedly given an assurance that they will keep fighting crackdowns subjected to their products and services in court.

Of paramount importance to note is that in as much as there have been issues on the legal status of CBD, there has not been a single person who has been found with legal issues for using the same. The Attorney General did not also say that consumers need be subjected to arrests but indicated that any person found in possession of products with cannabidiol in the sight of a police or other law enforcers would have the property taken from them. 

Regardless of this, being uncertain seems t be the norm. It may just end up narrowing down to an enforcement agency or an officer to interpret the law as well as enforce it depending on the weight they put to the statement released by the Attorney General. 


Residents from Indiana made a fast objection to statement using online platforms as well as mainstream media. Webb who is a columnist for the Indiana Courier and Press referred to the decision made by the Attorney General as nonsensical.

His major objection was the fact that CBD was more likely to be legal in the state as the General Assembly had in the past made legal the use products made from industrial hemp which separated this from psychoactive cannabis. Webb indicated that the change in the legal status which was the same as the 2014 Farm Bill was what had made the police stop with the raids they were carrying out.

The worst thing that the lawmakers did when they came up with a law targeting epileptic users is that they forgot to come up with a strategy that would see patients being able to access CBD from the stores, this meant that consumers had to purchase CBD oil for sale in Indiana shops with other users who were not epileptic.

These same stores may just be under constant threats due to the Attorney General’s statement as Webb indicated in his article.

To give you a recap, the state’s police believe that CBD is legal, on the other hand, the attorney general believes that it is not legal and one would need to be registered to be able to purchase it though they can still not purchase it since the attorney general has said that it is illegal.

Does everyone understand this?

We may not be legal experts or even lawyers but we believe that CBD is supposed to be legalized in this state as well as many more other states.  The best news is that no one has proposed a crackdown for CBD consumers though it is now important that the state, as well as federal legislators, may need to clarify this to ensure that people are protected from the police.

When we were publishing this article close to 7000 people had already signed up a petition on  Change.org petition requesting Indiana to completely legalize CBD. In as much as petitions at times do we, we would recommend to the residents to try and reach out to their legislators in a direct manner if they need to get more impact. If one is not in Indiana, our recommendation to them is to contact their Senators as well as their representatives requesting them to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act which I a bill meant to help in legalizing industrial hemp across the nation.

Sadly, unless such bills are actually passed, legal disputes involving CBD will still show be there. The change in the attitudes towards hemp is very good news and with no time, Cbd Oil Adviser are hopeful that the plant will be legalized from one corner of the nation to the other.


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