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Owning animals comes with many benefits. For starters, they can make great companions and can become just as devoted to you as you are to them. However, there is one tedious issue that we animal lovers must endure and that’s cleaning. Whether it’s a cat’s litter tray or a horse stable, in a moment the once clean environment can cause a foul stench.


Difficulties When Cleaning Animal Shelters

Places like stables, unfortunately, can be hard to maintain. For example, the straw bedding used in them can be toxic, due to horses and other animals using the area for a bathroom as well as a home. If cleaning isn’t regularly upheld, these odors, feces and dust particles could potentially expose our animals to respiratory issues like ammonia.

This straw bedding issue doesn’t discriminate on size either. Littler creatures like rabbits and hamsters can also relate to the messy state straw bedding can quickly turn into. As animal owners, it’s something we all can find extremely annoying. Especially when all we want is for our animals to have a lovely kept and clean home.



Animal bedding is essential for a vast variety of animals, big and small, scaly or furry. Traditionally, pine and straw have been the go-to materials to use for bedding. These days, owners want an alternative to make their lives easier and their animals live better. Old Dominion Hemp believes they’ve found a superior alternative.

Old Dominion Hemp is an animal bedding start-up based out of Virginia. Their ultimate goal is to find ways of improving the quality of bedding materials for animals everywhere and they think Hemp is the way forward. They have found that hemp offers an extremely more absorbent, longer lasting and most importantly sustainable bedding over the popular choices of straw or pine. Old Dominion Hemp specializes in hemp bedding for equine and smaller animals like chickens, cats, and snakes.


Marty Phipps Hemp in 2016

Old dominion Hemp created by Marty Phipps started out in 2016. The drive behind starting Old Dominion Hemp was from losing his family land. That land had been in his family for over 100 years. The land could have been saved, perhaps if they decided to farm another agricultural crop, such as hemp.

He believes that he and his family could have offset of the economic pressures coming from major entities that drive down the prices of other cash crops to the floor. He believes that these circumstances are destroying the inner fabric of our nation – the rural farmers. Marty had been fascinated with Hemp years before.

Marty became a believer in Hemp when we first came in contact with CBD oil for pets only and the amazing effect it had on this dog, Sadie. Sadie suffered from pain and joint stiffness that was caused by bone cancer she had in her leg. Vets had told Marty that Sadie only had weeks to live. Marty, determined to help Sadie the best he could, gave her CBD oil.

He believes the CBD oil helped her, so much so she managed to live for a further year. From then on Marty became an activist for Hemp. He was introduced to the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition by Jason Amatucci and was able to meet the leaders of the hemp industry and learned a lot about the plant.

Eventually, he purchased his first pallet of hemp bedding, which he used to conduct a 7-month Research & Development and Proof of Concept testing by donating his hemp bedding to places such as The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, Virginia Piedmont Search and Rescue Mounted division, and other local horse and chicken farmers. He realized just how powerful the plants can be for both human and animal and so started in a business where animals can thrive of the how beneficial qualities of Hemp.



Potential Uses Of Hemp Plant

The hemp plant can have many potentials uses but, in this circumstance, Old Dominion Hemp uses hemp hurds – the soft inner core of the hemp plant.  The inner core is used due to its substantial benefits for animals. Firstly, Hemp bedding can hold around 4x its own weight and lasts a lot longer than the industries favorites, pine, and straw.

A major problem with pine and straw bedding is the amount of dust that can collect and build up in their stables. This, in turn, can be fatal to animals, causing respiratory issues. Hemp bedding is very low dust, which not only is great but potentially lifesaving. Not to mention that hemp bedding actually reduces the smell, rather than aiding the spread of it. Of course, hemp bedding is beneficial to a lot of animals and that includes reptiles.


Bedding With Hemp Can Be Surprisingly Beneficial

A positive effect for the use of hemp bedding with reptiles is that hemp helps regulate humidity in their terrariums. Not only is hemp bedding beneficial to animals but also to the owners. Its amazing economical for farmers and animal owners as it lasts so much longer than usual straw and so reduces the loss of the products to matters like a waste. This saves vital money. Lastly, Hemp bedding is incredible for the environment as it is biodegradable. Hemp will naturally decompose over time into the ground. Popular materials like pine can actually have a high acidity and burn crops and fields.

The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive. Many farmers and animals’ owners have praised hemp bedding for its longevity, cleanliness and eco-friendly traits. These are all things, as animal owners, you want for your animal. It is important to keep your animal in a healthy environment where it is safe from nasty bugs and dirty surroundings, which it looks as through hemp bedding can do. Despite all the praise and proven beneficial qualities of hemp bedding, there are still drawbacks.

The farming and growing of hemp plants still aren’t fully legal in the US. Meaning that for Old Dominion Hemp, most of their hemp supply is outsourced from European countries and that racks up the pricing. In North American, 80,000 acres of hemp is grown

The Cbd Oil Adviser company is doing its bit, however, to try and educate farmers and people and promote the amazing plant. That’s why Old Dominion Hemp goes to events across the US that cater to all types of different demographics. It ranges from local chicken swaps to high-end horse shows.


Controversies Facing Hemp Today

Hemp is a controversial plant and there’s a huge misconception that hemp is marijuana, which is incorrect. There are many people who strongly support the legalization and use of the plant and there are others who are completely opposed to it. Negative press and beliefs can be the reasoning some farmers are put off growing and trading hemp. Old Dominion Hemp believes that if more farmers are taught more on the use of hemp and its qualities, they’ll be more hemp growth in the US – reducing the high price of Hemp and so benefitting not only companies but customers also.

Hemp is still currently on the government’s controlled substances list, which many activists are angered about. There are countless amazing research projects being investigated that explore the amazing positive qualities of hemp, many of which are already scientifically proven to help many people under many different circumstances.

Amazingly there is an Industrial Hemp Farming Act being discussed in Congress waiting to be passed, which would help farmers grow, buy and sell the plant for agricultural needs. This would open up the use and trade of hemp for everyone, even benefiting our economy and our environment.

Old dominion Hemp believes that hemp is the future of farming. Their vision is to provide the consumer with high-quality hemp products like CBD cannabis capsules. Putting the major focus on agricultural needs, such as hemp animal bedding. They want to show farmers that there is a majorly growing market to sell hemp. But ultimately Old Dominion Hemp want farmers in the united states to be allowed to freely grow hemp.

The company, despite only being young has already done so much. They now serve customers nationwide, gathering interest from states like Minnesota, Indiana, Colorado and even Alaska. The next thing to do is to conquer the world. Hemp is widely being more socially accepted as science and research prove the overwhelmingly positive effects it can have.



It is clear to see that there are a growing number of hemp-based products such as CBD oil (check out here the best CBD oil products) popping up in a multitude of grocery stores and salons all over because of this. Old Dominion Hemp is just another 21st entirety company that wants nothing more than to create amazing, high-quality products that benefit you and your loved one.



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