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No CBD Candy is going in your children’s Trick or Treat Bag This Year. The media is spreading wrong information and generating panic when there does not need to be any.

Halloween season is upon us, and some members of the media are intent on playing a mean trick on users of CBD oil best for pain and anxiety. 

The increasing benefits and safety of hemp and cannabis are again, getting ignored. Journalists and law enforcement mislead the public, creating lies to scare them away from the use of hemp. CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a compound found in marijuana plants and is used in products such as candy and even in cocktails.

Following on from a blog post by the MinistryofHemp, here at GetMediaWise, we want to raise awareness of using hemp in the right way and debunk the CBD rumors.  

Cbd Oil Adviser want parents to have a treat themselves this Halloween, knowing that nobody will put CBD edibles in his or her child’s Trick or Treat bag. 

A news outlet in America has exploited CBD for shameful Holiday clicks

’Authorities concerned about candy that could get kids high!’’ declares a headline from WRAL in North Carolina. 

The article implies that first, your neighbors and local community will be handing out harmful edibles to Trick or Treaters. Then secondly, the concern of your children getting and possibly taking edibles containing psychoactive cannabis or marijuana. Psychoactive cannabis or marijuana are THCs, the ones you are able to get high off, but if you take agricultural hemp you will not get high. 

Gummy candies, in particular, are focused on in this story and the use of CBD oil to make them (check the best CBD gummies reddit). Gummer candies are obviously focused on more in this article because of the way a minor sees gummy candies as a quick, small treat. It should still be seen as a harmless treat.  As previously mentioned, CBD does not make you high, as it is made from agricultural hemp. CBD can provide additional health and wellness benefits, from easing anxiety to reducing inflammation, all while causing very few side effects.

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In no means should CBD or marijuana edibles be accessible to children and should always be stored in a safe place, it is strange the media pins CBD as a harmful substance. CBD causing no change in a person’s mental state. 

Stuart W. Titus, the chief executive of Medical Marijuana Inc., referring to CBD the ‘’hippie’s disappointment’’ due to the lack of high you get from it. Psychoactive cannabis is still illegal in more states then it is not, including North Carolina, where CBD is legal. North Carolina would find it hard to cause controversy with an item illegal to get their state, so the easier choice is to go with CBD. As controversy creates cash in the eyes of publishers and TV stations.


What the Media Gets Wrong About CBD Oil

The WRAL article is one of many false stories surrounding CBD and putting CBD on the same level as recreational cannabis. People are using CBD for everything from ellipsis to aching joints which the media chooses to not tell the public. Here, we will enlighten you to what the media is not telling you about hemp and the errors they instill into the public. 

CBD does not make you high.

An organic chemist named Roger Adams had a mission in the 1930s and 1940s to use CBD with almost no THC to create the ultimate trip. His mission failed, getting the opposite to the ultimate trip. An anti-climactic mission. The reason for this is CBD does not contain THC which marijuana has.

Want to know if CBD vape oil gets you high?

WRAL used an example of Koi CBD candies as an example in their story, claiming a certain brand that uses CBD infused gummy used THC. They would later have to edit themselves and admit that their story was false as Koi CBDs products were lab tested and held no traces of THC content. 

CBD is far too expensive to give to children.

The cost of most CBD products is high because of the business expenses surrounding the product. If you are looking for high-quality pure hemp, your wallet will be emptied quite quickly. CBD gummy bears on Amazon set you back $50 while normal gummy bears only cost $10. 

There is has been never been any major news or local news regarding a child receiving CBD candy at Halloween which WRAL admits. They imply it is more likely someone would hand out CBD accidentally or maliciously. With the price of hemp sky high, however, I do not think people would allow such a valuable substance to be misplaced or fall in the wrong hands. 

CBD is safe in any form.

There has been much research showing CBD safe for humans with little doubt of overdosing. Hemp is also safe for dogs, CBD providing dogs with a calm feeling (know where to buy CBD oil for dogs near you: where to buy CBD oil for dogs near me). On the other side, alcohol and tobacco are dangerous to humans if taking a large and unsanctioned quantity. Cannabis is considered safer than both alcohol and tobacco, and CBD even safer as it lacks the ingredient THC.

CBD gummies are attacked in WRAL story, but they are far more harmless substances around an average household that may be mistakenly digested by a child.

Some children have taken CBD.

Medicals use CBD to treat various serious medical conditions. With children, medical professionals have used CBD to treat epilepsy in particular. The CBD helping to prevent seizures in their frequency thus allowing them to live a better life. CBD combats pain and anxiety and is said to reduce the risks of diabetes. Although the effects of using CBD medically has its benefits, various medical personal refuses to connect the use of CBD to help treat epilepsy. The reason for this is CBD relation with cannabis.

Are scary stories about CBD and Hemp Fuelling the War on Drugs


Stories like WRAL’s and similar articles are evidence that cannabis is still seen as the devils’ drug. Even though, cannabis is one of the safest substances in the world compared to others. Especially in America, law enforcement officers are overly invested in imprisoning thousands of people over minor drug use, pulling people over for little or no reason. Destroying lives in the process simply because of the use of the miraculous plant. The number of people who are getting pulled over in America for the possibility of being under the influence causing problems for both the cop and the person getting pulled over. 

Jason Locklear, an agent at North Carolina’s Division of alcohol Enforcement was interviewed by WRAL reporters. Locklear venting that shops in the region were selling out of CBD-laced lollipops. No policeman interviewed expressed a child getting hold of these products. 

Locklear still incited fear voicing. ‘’Anybody in the school system should be alarmed. Parents should be alarmed.’’ He further goes on to say, that owners should be worried about whether their employees are using CBD to relax. 

The statements Locklear is making are highly disappointing and far from the truth. The reason why cannabis and hemp remain illegal is that of police and prison guards’ union’s lobby against legalization because of the profits law enforcement can gain from it. However, with more states legalizing recreational or medical cannabis, people are beginning to reap the rewards of CBD, cops see their profits dwindle. Police should be focusing on bigger crimes. The legalization of marijuana has decreased crime rates in America, improved tourism and created more jobs. 

Instead of feeling anxious about a scenario, that would not even be the worst on Halloween, you should treat yourself to some cheesy horror flicks. The new Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis is out also which I would recommend going to see. Let your children collect all the candy, so you can steal the best ones out of their trick or treat bag later.  

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