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CBD oil is a safe and natural alternative to prescribed painkillers. If you are feeling exasperated with the number of doctor’s appointments you are facing; or if you are worried about the potentially harmful effects of prescribed painkillers, CBD could provide you with the relief you’ve been looking for.

In 2014 the Farm Bill made all products extracted from hemp, like CBD oil, legal to use. Despite this legalization, many doctors will be reluctant or simply unwilling to prescribe you with anything CBD.

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Studies into CBD show the powerful pain relieving qualities it provides and shows how useful it can be for those who are suffering from physical injuries, like those obtained from a sporting mishap, and even chronic pain conditions.

Although you should certainly listen to your doctor’s advice on suitable treatments, it may be a good idea for you to consider taking an alternative, natural form of pain relief.


A Non-Addictive Pain Reliever

With today’s figures, it is likely that you would have heard of a case of addiction either in your neighborhood or town – even if you haven’t been affected by it personally.

Research shows that in America alone there dozens of people who die every day due to an opioid overdose.

Addiction truly is an epidemic that cannot be ignored much longer. Although that term – ‘addition’ – may bring grimy imagery to your mind, it really isn’t that simple and can affect anyone.

Especially nowadays when prescription painkillers are so readily available to us all.

Millions of patients enter their local hospital or doctor’s office on a daily basis seeking some form of relief from their pain and just as many will walk away with an addiction that will ruin, or maybe even end, their lives.

Even if you do not have any history of addiction you still might not be safe. With more and more of American’s taking these prescribed cocktails of chemicals more often, no one is exempt from this disease.

Thankfully those who are seeking treatment for physical or even chronic pain do have an alternative option.

Scientific studies show that those who take CBD based medication, like cannabidiol, are less likely to become dependent on their treatment, as opposed to those who take prescribed opiates.

In fact, there is even some research to suggest that CBD can be an antidote to addiction itself. This compound alters the pathways throughout the body that lead to the brain – the same pathways that send pain signals and dopamine hits to our central controls. CBD can alter what messages your brain receives, which is how it is so effective in pain relief.

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These alterations can even stretch to preventing signals that make you crave the next hit or high from your addiction.


A Natural Solution With No Side Effects?

Prescription drugs like opioids work by stopping the release of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter in the body. This transmitter also controls the levels of dopamine that reaches the brain. Without GABA to regulate, these prescription painkillers create a rush of dopamine to hit the brain. It is this experience that causes a high.

This rush of dopamine often leads to an addiction as the body begins to crave this experience more and more.

CBD, which is extracted from the hemp plant, is a separate compound to the one that creates the high in recreational use. CBD oils consumed without THC will cause no such rush and will simply get to work relieving your pain without any consequence.

As a result, those who take CBD as a form of pain relief do not become dependent on their medication and are free to stop taking it whenever.

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Although studies show that most people will not experience any kind of side effect from consuming CBD, the fact that you are free to stop taking this treatment can provide a great piece of mind in a worst-case scenario. Unlike most prescription opioids which can come with a wide range of side effects, from vomiting and nausea to long-term issues like heart attacks, and are much more difficult to stop taking.


How Does It Work?

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can help relieve chronic or physical pain. These properties work by reducing the swelling of cells and therefore reducing the majority of pain this would cause.

CBD also interacts our endocannabinoid system, preventing pain signals that run through the body from reaching the brain. Prescription painkillers do not enter the ECS in the same manner which explains why some of these drugs seem unable to treat certain kinds of pain.

Although science is still in its early stages with research into natural solutions like CBD, it’s evident that their miraculous pain relieving qualities can be extremely beneficial to you.

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