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With the general interest in hemp expanding at an impressive rate, the NoCo Hemp Expo, held at Loveland, Colorado, has outgrown its current venue, with thousands of people all showing up at the Ranch Events Centre on April 6 and 7.


NoCo Hemp Expo in Colorado

The event was a total sell-out, with crowds in excess of 6,000 attendees all wishing to learn more about the wonderful hemp itself.  According to the press release from the organizers of the event, it was the biggest annual NoCo Hemp Expo to date.

Last year, the event saw around 4,500 visitors and 150 vendors attend the same event, but as the events have grown so big, so quickly, the organizers have decided that next years’ event should be held in Denver, to cater for the anticipated further increase of guest numbers and will also allow more space for more vendors, too.  The incredible vendors at the Expo are key to the success of the show, as they cater to the diverse needs of everyone.

Their interests range from hemp fashion, and CBD infused foods like just CBD gummies, right through to stands offering new incentives and assistance to help farmers directly.  Morris Beegle, the co-founder of the NoCo Hemp Expo, told us that “the interest level for this plant and all that it can do was overwhelming,” when he was telling us about the success of the latest event.

This year, The Ministry of Hemp attended the much talked about Expo, where we undertook interviews with key players in the hemp game, whilst also sampling many new and innovative hemp-based products such as full spectrum CBD capsules for future reviewing.  There is so much for us to tell you about that we will have to spread it out over the weeks to come, but here are the highlights because we just can’t wait to tell you!


The Best Is Yet To Come For Hemp and CBD oil

The latest event occurred at a time described as an American “crossroads” for industrial hemp.  Hemp farmers in just 19 states have cultivated an excess of 25,000 acres of hemp, thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill being put in to place. 

But it hasn’t been without its difficulties.  The government, despite the Farm Bill, still insists on interfering in particular issues, such as water rights and the DEAs interpretation of the Controlled Substances Act, specifically in relation to CBD.

Attendees of the Expo: advocates of hemp, vendors selling hemp or hemp related products or representative of non-profit organizations, all took a positive stance to the government’s barriers, insistent that they could soon be dispersed, opening up a clear pathway for hemp and its production growth across America. 

Sen. Mitch McConnell introduced The Hemp Farming Act 2020, as part of his mission to completely legalize hemp, with everyone involved in the hemp industry itself, ready and raring to take action should this occur in 2020. 

Just as co-founder of Nature’s Path Foods and a keynote speaker at this years’ Hemp Expo, Arran Stephens, imparted to us, “This is…the beginning of a strong new movement.”  We at Cbd Oil Adviser hope that he is correct in his thinking!


American Hemp is off like a rocket

As part of the big excitement on the Expo’s second day, Apollo Flight Labs, sponsored by Willpower Products (the creators of a new protein powder infused with CBD), launched a jetpack which briefly flew around the Ranch Event Center to wow its audience.  And wow them, it absolutely did!

During the Expo, Ministry of Hemp met an incredible selection of hemp industry related people and spoke with as many as we possibly could.  We managed to get a great interview with Callie and Friends, who write parental guides about hemp and cannabis. 


Sana Packaging’s Participation

Representatives of Sana Packaging were very obliging with sharing information about their sustainable packaging with us, too.  Their aim in to eradicate single-use, disposable plastics and paper and to replace them with hemp instead. 

What else did we do during our time at the Expo?  Loads!  Not only did we interview fabulous people, but we also took in panels to discuss the indigenous uses of hemp and enquire about the up-and-coming hemp fashion developments. 

We ate the delicious hemp food products created by Hempway Foods, including that of their famous vegan hemp veggie burgers and queso, and were also lucky enough to sample Steepfuze CBD-infused coffee, too.

All in all, it was an incredible event that we felt privileged to have been able to attend.  If the final remaining legal barriers can be lifted, hemp and its success are sure to skyrocket at an enormous speed.  Very fitting really that Apollo Flight Labs launched their jetpack to show us…perhaps that’s exactly what they were trying to get across to us?


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