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Nutiva provides a vast array of hemp-based products in order to aid your ability to easily use this fabulous superfood as an addition to your diet.  It can quite literally be added to any dish!


Shelled Hemp Seeds

The most nutritious of seeds that you can get your hands on are hemp seeds.  This is because they are full of protein, mountains of minerals and packed with omega-3.  The hemp seeds are removed from their tough outer shells, enabling Nutiva to provide you with a completely raw product with a taste very similar to that of pine nuts.


Hemp Protein

Hemp seeds offer all nine amino acids which are essential for a healthy body and are found within hemp seeds due to their a-z high-quality protein.  They also contain important fatty acids (2g for each serving).  This hemp power, brought to you by Nutiva, provides an incredible 8g of fiber, as well as 15g of protein for each serving consumed.


Hemp Protein Hi-Fiber

Nutiva’s Hemp Protein Hi-Fiber will give you a similar amount of nutritional boost as Hemp Protein, but also contains a greater amount of fiber.  So, that’s 12g of fiber with 11g of protein all crammed into this Hi-Fiber Hemp Protein.



Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil

Just like the Hemp Seeds, this Organic Hemp Oil (check out here what is the best organic CBD oil for weight loss) created by Nutiva, has the perfect ratio of omega-6 and omega-3, at 3:1.  It is unrefined, cold-pressed and its nutty taste enables you to create an amazing selection of dishes because it just tastes so good and goes with everything.


The Origins of the Hemp used in Nutiva

Canadian farmers are the providers of all of the seeds used by Nutiva in their products.  They are all certified as organic and are non-GMO.  All of Nutiva’s products are created from raw hemp seeds, gently cold-pressed and unrefined.  They are always chemical free and are processed without any hexane.

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Who are Nutiva?

As a massive supporter of hemp and assisting in its legalization, John Roulac founded Nutiva in 1999.  His mission was to innovate a food system that nourished people in a much healthier way. 

He wanted to increase the health and ease of sourceable health foods for general communities and create much more eco-friendly sustenance for our planet.  Roulac aimed to change our method of eating through altering our industrialized food system. 

The main goal for Nutiva is to provide foods that really pack a punch!  They want huge amounts of nutrition in every mouthful, enabling the user to create a big difference in their health by making just a small dietary change.

So, Nutriva offers an incredible array of differing Superfoods, both good for you and for the planet, too.   They aren’t just organic and packed with nutritional value, but they are also super easy to use and are full of flavor; great for adding to quite literally any of your favorite meals with very little fuss.

Nutiva has proved very successful in their long list of missions since 1999, and have been named as being one of the fastest growing food companies of America by Inc. Magazine for five years running. 

Roulac continues on his mission to provide the best food with the best nutritional value, regularly being a keynote speaker at various hemp orientated events and conferences across the US. 

An interesting read for you, if you would like to increase your knowledge of hemp, is Roulac’s book, “Hemp Horizons: The Comeback of the World’s Most Promising Plant.”  And a promising plant hemp certainly is.  But don’t just take our word for it, why not try out one of Nutiva’s Hemp based products like for yourself here https://cbdoiladviser.com/?



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