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There are so many options available out there when buying Hemp products such as pure CBD oil capsules, so someone, therefore, has taken it into their hands to end the confusion and provide knowledgeable insight for old consumers, prospective consumers and new consumers alike.

This is the reason why founders Annie Rouse and Jason Amattuci founded company Anavii Market.

https://www.facebook.com/AnaviiMarket/ The company aspires to be the leading online marketplace for all your hemp needs, and one you can trust and come back to as much as you require and want to, almost like a well-loved grocery supermarket (find here CBD oil for sale online). They believe in the importance of being informative, transparent and caring in their approach to business. There are so many cons and bad products out there when it comes to CBD that Anavii Market seems like a much-needed foundation for people wanting to gain the benefits of CBD.

Annie and Jason came from different states, Kentucky and Virginia respectively. Yet they shared the same mission. They both worked separately and then together for tens of years in order to legalize hemp. They worked to establish a regulation for more people to be able to access hemp products. Hemp is a task that they have never taken lightly. She studied in Canada, learning all about hemp. He founded a coalition and after working as separate entities for so long, found each other, and created Anavii Market.

Anavii Market is something both Annie and Jason can be proud of, establishing all of their values, education and hard work into one place. This is quite the result after a lot of effort in arduous controversy.

They are really explicitly clear about their purpose and desire to provide top quality CBD products, stating themselves that all that they do is tested and checked by third parties. If this doesn’t fill you with confidence, then nothing possibly will. They even provide infographic paragraphs about their scientist’s panel of colleagues for their customer’s perusal.

There is even a trend ongoing that could even go as far as being described as fraudulent. The mislabeling of products, hat could potentially be harmful to people for a number of reasons, posing as CBD can be detrimental in more than one way. Not only do they detract from the actual benefits of genuine CBD products, but they put people at risk for no reason other than maliciousness and money grabbing.

It has been stated that as many as 70% of so-called CBD products available on today’s markets like CBD hemp oil for weight loss are labeled incorrectly and are not what they claim to be. This information has been researched and provided by the Journal of the American Medical Association, an association of physicians and medical students.  The study concerned around 80 products claiming to be CBD sold by around 30 different companies. So there was quite the range to gather information from and collect data to back up their assumptions.

There have also been concerns about synthetic cannabinoids finding their way into the CBD oil system, which can cause major health issues and unwanted side effects from something that is supposed to be good and pure for the body and health levels. This, again, is owing to the unregulated market and unknown factors because of it.

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This forms the main reason as to why Anavii Market was co-created.      

Their process is simple: interview and passes the required checks if you want your CBD product to be a part of the Anavvi Market’s product range. Therefore, third-party laboratory testing has to be proven and evidence given. What are they looking for?

There are five areas that stand out as often looked over and that cause the most fears and concerns in the products.

1, Phytocannabinoids: naturally occurring in cannabis plants, but not desirable in legal relaxing aids such as CBD oil.

2, Microbiologics              

3, Residual solvents

4, Heavy metals

5, Pesticides and herbicides

None of these substances should be present, none of them are particularly healthy or necessary. Many of them are present in illegal marijuana, again not something that a respectable hemp (legal) market desires for its customers and consumers.

All product information is labeled clearly and very accessible on the website. There is complete transparency. That is the message they try and throw out there above all others, they want to be trusted, they want to build relationships and recurring clients. They do this through labeling, reassuring and really ensuring that the product they provide is well researched, true to what it should be and regulated in an unregulated industry.

From brands such as Ananda Hemp, Plus CBD oil, Palmetto Harmony and Green Remedy,  Anavvi provides a plethora of products. There are tinctures; an alcoholic extract, ointments for rubbing on the skin, patches and other types of skin-based solutions.

So the point of it all, really, is to provide one day a regulated market for hemp products. The legalization is clearly an important battle that needs more work to reduce the whole stigma around hemp and marijuana. Hemp products, including hemp seed for nutrient, have so many benefits that are too hard to ignore. That is why people like Anavii Market work to make them mainstream.

Is the world ready for a company like Anavii Market? Consumers of hemp certainly are. They need a clear-cut, concise and truthful place to get their product from. The danger from things unknown is something that no consumer of any product should have to think about, especially when buying products that are intended to ameliorate health.

“The products we sell are the products we know.” There is no arguing with a motto such as this. The target is not just to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible. The aim is to provide top quality, for a fair price, to a larger market. This is certainly achievable through the ways that Annie and Jason have laid down and set forth for other people to join in or take over from their footsteps in years to come.

CBD Oil Adviser once say “Hemp is a big part of the future of the human race.”

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