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PhytoLogica Hemp Balm is far from your standard greasy, shop-bought balm.  No, instead it is incredibly soothing to muscles and smells wonderfully of lavender, without being overpowering.

Our review team, here at the Ministry of Hemp, have recently analyzed this specific hemp balm to see if it could aid us with our post-exercise aches and pains, as well as any chronic pain we have.  In short, it’s now our favorite product!

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Just like us, Heather Atwell, the founder of PhytoLogica, came across CBD and its advantages when she was trying to find a solution to specific health problems for her family.  She had tried many other products but the health problems seemed difficult to ease or eradicate until she found CBD.

Topical CBD enables cannabidiol to be applied directly to the problem area of the body, getting right to the source of tired, aching muscles.  Other forms of CBD have few side effects like the best CBD gum, but topical CBD salves and balms have even less.  This is because they do not enter the digestive system or bloodstream of the user.

Would you like to discover more about our review on PhytoLogica Full Spectrum Hemp Balm?  Then just keep reading.


Health Crisis Created PhytoLogica

When Atwell found out that her father had got cancer, she wrote on her website about her CBD discovery.  Her ailing father suffered dramatically with the side effects of his cancer treatment, and needed something to help counteract this.  Atwell soon discovered that she herself had got the same genetic disease as her mother, scoliosis. 

Her mother had turned to opioids and had become heavily addicted but Atwell wanted to avoid this herself.  Despite medics prescribing opioid painkillers for scoliosis, a spinal condition causing great pain, this was not the route that Atwell wished to take in order to keep her genetic condition at bay.  Instead, she turned to CBD.

Though cancer finally took her father’s life, Atwell gives CBD the credit for helping him to live better, for longer and have less pain.  She is a big believer in the natural health treatment approach to ailments of any kind. 

She recently wrote that “It makes me very happy to hear from people getting relief from pain and illness through natural resources and I’m blessed to be able to share my knowledge.”

It has been proven that every user of CBD reacts differently to it, but the majority of people clearly state that it did give them substantial relief from their pain.  A research program with 2,400 participants, gave clear findings that hundreds of the CBD users had their pharmaceutical drug levels decreased dramatically through their use of cannabinoids and CBD.


The Ministry of Hemp Reviews PhytoLogica Hemp Balm


Our Highlights of the Full Spectrum Hemp Balm: 

Great for relaxing tired, sore muscles.  Not overly greasy.  Has a great lavender smell on the application.  We think it is brilliant for regular, home-use because it has the perfect light texture.

How much does it cost?  The 1-ounce jar is $88.

How strong is it?  Per 1-ounce jar, the strength equates to 500mg of full spectrum hemp extract / CBD.

What’s the shipping fee?  A flat rate shipping fee of $5.99 is required unless you order over $99 worth of products, then your shipping is free.

How would we describe the customer service at PhytoLogica?  They have very friendly, personable customer service advisors and are fast in their response times.

Where can you get hold of independent test results?  Just contact their customer services and they will be able to email a copy of the independent test results straight over to you.

What does this product smell like?  We love the smell of this product.  Lavender.

Describe the texture of this Hemp Balm: It is silky and smooth, thanks to the use of coconut oil and beeswax used in its making.  This enables the skin to feel soothed but does not leave an excess of oil or that horrible greasy, sticky feeling that so many balms give us.

What is PhytoLogica Hemp Balm made up of?  Lavender Oil, Beeswax, Medium Chain Triglycerides (coconut oil), Eucalyptus Oil and Phytocannabinoid Hemp Extract.

Any extra information that we think you would like to know about PhytoLogica?  Here at the Ministry of Hemp, we love that this PhytoLogica Hemp Balm uses just a few, simple ingredients.  We love that all of the coconut oil they use in their products is organic. 

CBD Oil Adviser love that PhytoLogica provides you with options as to how you would like to use their products so that you can get the best from them and they can work for you, like their CBD oil tinctures for sale and soft gel capsules.  We love that PhytoLogica only uses hemp grown in America in every single one of their products.  If you can’t already guess, we love PhytoLogica and know you will, too.



4.9/520 ratings