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Kushed Candles have a fantastic range of hemp aromatherapy candles which will surely lighten up your home.  Natural essential oils are infused into the candles so that your choice of room is crammed with enchanting smells.  The therapeutic aroma helps your body and mind to release stress and enhance your mood.


What is Hemp Essential Oil?

Hemp essential oil, also known as cannabis essential oil, comes from the upper leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. But don’t panic too quickly; hemp does not contain any THC or CBD and so does not offer any mind-altering capabilities despite being part of the cannabis family.

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The leaves and flowers from the hemp plant are steam-distilled to seize the pure essence and goodness of nature.  Appearing a translucent yellow or green color, the therapeutic aroma is. Being one of the most expensive oils produced in the world, hemp essential oil is slowly being recognized for its natural health benefits.

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Kushed Candles Varieties

Kushed Candles offers three incredible varieties.  Queen Green is the signature candle offered by Kushed Candles, infusing freshly cut hemp with the sensations of ylang-ylang, mandarin, and rosewood.  Feel at one with nature whilst basking in nature’s soothing notes for only £12.95.

The Lavender Kush Candle offers a peaceful haven, enriched with peony, violet and fern notes.  Enabling the body and the spirit to relax and calm down after a day full of stresses, the lavender scents will bring you peace and relaxation.  Prices for this little piece of heaven start at £12.95.

The third offering from Kushed Candles is the exotic Panama Red.  Filled with red currant and blood orange, this hemp candle contains subtle notes of bergamot, neroli, and mangosteen.  These scents will awaken the senses and provide you with a burst of energy and rejuvenation for only £12.95.

Kushed Candles come in either 6 oz (small) or 13.5 oz (large) tins, with the small tin providing around 25 hours of burn time and the large tin allowing over 50 hours of burn time.


Where can you buy Kushed Candles?

You can shop for Kushed Hemp Candles at Hemp Markets and other specialist stores and outdoor markets.  Alternatively, you can go to https://www.cannatural.co.uk/ where you can buy the whole range.


What do Other People say about Kushed Candles?

Fernando gave a 5-star review and said: “give it a try!”  Fernando admits that he didn’t know what to expect before he used the candle, but after it had been burning a little while the room filled with such a pleasant, relaxing aroma.  Fernando now looks forward to going home after a long day at work so that he can relax and unwind with his awesome candle by his side.

Kristi also gave Kushed Candles a 5-star review, emphasizing the candle’s “really clean scent”.  Kristi stresses how she is now obsessed with the candle, describing the scent as being really clean and sweet without being overpowering.  Yet the strength of the aroma was strong enough to mask unwanted scents within her home.

Sosesh provided another 5-star review for Kushed Candles, describing the feeling the aroma gave him as being “natural and relaxing”.

Sosesh loved the scent and felt utterly relaxed and calm.  A negative side effect of some aromatherapy candles can be that they trigger headaches, but Sosesh explains that this is definitely not the case with Kushed Candles due to the aroma being completely natural.

Cbd Oil Adviser Sosesh concludes by stating that he would recommend the candle 100%. 



4.9/513 ratings