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Arthritis is, without doubt, a global issue, causing mobility problems worldwide – and to boot, it is the single highest cause of disability in the United States of America.

In relation to those members of the population that have enough life experience to be aged 65 or over, half of these people are unfortunate enough to have to live with arthritis. Arthritis appears as though it is going nowhere, and although it is likely that you have not given it a great deal of thought, it is a condition that a great number of us are likely to encounter or even experience first-hand, in our later years.

There are various statistics to show the prevalence of arthritis, however, we have selected just two. The Arthritis Foundation estimates that around 50 million adults suffer from the condition, whilst 1 in 250 children are also suffering, in the United States alone.

Moving away from this for just one moment, CBD oil has already gained a positive reputation for affecting people’s lives in a positive way. It has been known to relax people, assist the elderly with the stresses in their lives, and helped relieve symptoms of certain conditions, such as epilepsy.

Following on from the statistics published by the Arthritis Foundation, a study published back in the mid-2000s, 2006 to be specific, treated potential patients with Savitex, which is a pharmaceutical created from cannabis extracts – in a similar way that it is hoped that patients can be treated with CBD oil.

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An interesting side note in this journal was that cannabis has been thought of as a potential treatment for arthritis for many generations, dating back to some 2800 B.C. However, as time went on, the uses of cannabis became somewhat discredited and modern doctors dismissed it as a potential treatment, despite the somewhat blatant evidence of its usefulness.

Regarding the Savitex, scientists were optimistic and decided to pursue researching its effectiveness in treating arthritis. However, Savitex is not available in many parts of the United States of America, and of course, cannabis that has a psychoactive effect on human beings, which essentially means that it alters their thinking, actions or mindset, or gives them a ‘high’ is still illegal nationwide.


Is CBD Already in Use?

In stark contrast though, CBD is not illegal and does not give people any such high. It is widely available and there are hundreds of cases of people that suffer from arthritis using CBD to treat their condition. What is more, many of these cases report that they feel that the CBD is actually helping to relieve their symptoms.

In a recent survey of almost 2,500 people, on a website dedicated to the medical uses of the cannabis plant, found that users were highly satisfied with CBD and its effects.  

However, there is a downside, only 11 percent of these users described CBD as ‘extremely effective’ when actually treating their arthritis. Although, there was certainly still positives to take from it, as many users saw the benefits of using a combination of CBD and conventional treatments. Which of course means that there still appears to be certain benefits of using CBD.

This is only supported by further statistics from the survey, in which 42 percent of people said that they have replaced pharmaceutical drugs in favor of CBD, although this is not specific to arthritis.


Oral Use – How Important Is It?

CBD is available in a range of forms, with many choosing to take it orally, in the form of capsules (know here the CBD capsules benefits) and alike. It is very useful for treating pains and swelling in joints, which of course, can be caused by arthritis, as I am sure the majority of you are aware. Certainly, any suffers from arthritis will be aware of this.

Only a couple of years ago, in 2016, research was carried out into the effects of CBD in treating arthritis. The way that they did this was to replicate the effects of arthritis in a group of lab rats. The CBD was found to relieve the symptoms of arthritis in the rats but also brought about another interesting point.

What is the best way to take CBD? When it was applied to the skin of the rats, the levels of CBD found in their blood was far more consistent than when taken orally, as none was metabolized by the liver when applied via the skin of the rats.

In the same year, it was reported by a company called Medical Marijuana, Inc. that the side effects can also be reduced by applying directly to the skin, as it skips the bloodstream and binds directly to the skin via the endocannabinoid receptors when applied in this way.

However, as is always the case with any treatment or condition, each and every individual patient may well require different treatments, so it is worth looking into all forms and application methods of CBD, to see which helps you the most.


What More Can CBD Do?

Whilst treating arthritis is all well and good, CBD is not limited to just relieving the joint pains that are associated with that condition.


As further research is conducted into CBD and what it can do, it is becoming more apparent that it is capable of doing a range of wonderful things. As previously mentioned, the use of medical cannabis dates back many hundreds of years, potentially thousands, however, it appears that the more research that is conducted into CBD by modern technologies, the more that we are finding it is capable of. 


The fact that we are continuously finding new, innovative uses for CBD, means that further research is needed without a doubt.


In recent history, the cannabis plant, and by extension, its uses in medicine has been widely discredited. In the United States of America, it has been the subject of negative government propaganda for many decades now, and where the hemp plant was once at the heart of the agricultural industry in the United States, following these years of being discredited, it is only just regaining its positive reputation.


The negative stigma that has been attached to the plant for so long is now beginning to be lifted, so much so that the laws across the whole of America are beginning to change to reflect the positivity and continued support that surrounds hemp and cannabis plants.


The laws are not yet totally relaxed, but they have changed in recent years to show the support of the government towards industrial hemp and to some extent, although not quite on the same scale, medical cannabis.


As mentioned earlier, the hemp plant was once at the very heart of the United States’ agricultural industry, with this in mind, and the increased research into the uses of the cannabis plant in recent years, many are hopeful that the laws regarding the two plants will continue to be relaxed further.


Cbdoiladviser.com are hopeful that should these changes in the laws continue to be relaxed, more doctors and other medical professionals will continue to embrace the use of the plants, in line with any new legalities that should arise as a result of these changes.


It certainly seems that further research will indicate further uses for the plants. Hemp has already shown its uses in agriculture over the years, with many beginnings to use its potential again to manufacture, bedding, blankets, socks, shirts and interesting even breathable building materials.


Medical cannabis also has a range of uses, from treating arthritis, insomnia, anxiety, and depression to treating schizophrenia. With such issues, especially those associated with mental health, so prevalent in modern society, it appears likely that our wishes should come true, and if common sense is used and research continues to be positive, then doctors should begin to use the treatment and make it more widely available to consumers.


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To Conclude:


The benefits of using CBD oil to treat arthritis have not yet been definitively proven, although the signs do seem encouraging. The hope is that further research will prove that the oil can be used to treat arthritis in the same way that it can be used to treat so many other things, which has seen its popularity rise in recent years.


Further to this, should research continue to be positive, and the laws surrounding the use of medical marijuana continued to be relaxed, the treatment will become more widely available for others to use.



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