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It can be different to figure out how Kansas, a land known for its natural beauty and a large amount of agricultural production. Kansas is actually among one of the last States to officially halt prohibition on industrial hemp.

Across America, there is now thirty-four state that has all agreed on the legalization of Hemp and it’s products like CBD oil.

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As a matter of fact, the governor of New York state Has recently designated around $2.6 million solely aimed at improving the hemp processing plant. The end goal is to produce enough hemp so that New York state becomes the chief in production on a national scale.

Right now China and Korea are leading the world’s largest producer of hemp. Russia is actually the world’s biggest broker of wheat. This means that the United States is not the only agricultural superpower in the world anymore. Nevertheless, the production of hemp would allow for there to be over 50,000 products connected across ten distinctive industries.

All the farmers in Kansas need the Senate of Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee to accept the legalization of hemp. Which is in a bill named HB 2182 and there is to be a hearing. In which the legalization of any proposed legislation should not leave out the farmers of Kansas.

There has already been tons of research previously conducted by Kansas State University, dating all the way back in the 1970s. It’s simply now up to the Kansas lawmakers to propose a bill, that includes all the farmers. As it is with the growth of technology, many farmers are not wanting to be removed from the production of hemp.



As there is such a low price on wheat and corn it’s very hard for the farmers of Kansas to actually make a profit. Especially when you consider the amount of hard work and dedication that is needed to be successful in the agriculture sector.

There are several Kansas farmers in desperate need of a more profitable alternative. Given the low prices that are offered the farmers are having to expand the yields per acre, to simply make enough money so that they are breaking even or barely a small profit.

The reason behind the low prices is that they are a surplus supply of grain, which in turn is putting a negative pressure on the prices. As all farmers are in a vicious economic cycle that makes it’s very hard for any agricultural business to escape from.

The most effective solution is to create a form of economic freedom for farmers. As it’s very important to diversify their commodities so that they can grow lots more of the higher profit crop. 

The farmers of Kansas understand what makes good public policy. That is why they are completely aware of any input from outside investors. Especially, in regards to the introduction of a valuable commodity that has so much value for positive opportunities. As the interest in hemp grows it does make sense, that they would be an increase in the number of stakeholders involved.

Throughout  2017 there were two separate hemp bills introduced in Kansas. As you can imagine with the possibility of a brand new revenue source, there have become several influencers trying to control the outcome.

The first of the hemp bills (HB 2209) was only introduced so that it would allow universities to use hemp as a form of scientific research. Given that the reason for the first bill was for academic study the ability, there was never any sort of hearing.

The second hemp bill (HB 2182) was to closely follow along with the same laws that exist in Tennessee and Kentucky. Meaning that the bill was passed without a committee, as it went straight to the House floor which the vote was 103-18. As a result of the vote, the house bill was quickly sent over to the Senate committee.

In spite of the Chairman had decided not to deal with the bill. Solely down to the fact of how last minute it took place in the session. This delay has meant that Kansans for Hemp were instructed that the hearing would be delayed to sometime during 2020.

During the first day of session in 2020, the Chairman instead introduced an alternative Senate version of HB 2209. Given the new title of SB 263.

Just so we’re all clear both SB 263/HB 2209 are in fact, just watered down forms of legislation. That is in fact, not within compliance of the 2014 Farm Bill Sec 7606. Which means that the landmark federal legislation, that was meant to re-legalized hemp in the United States.

HB 2209 likewise cuts out farmers directly. As it does leave out all crucial details regarding the licensing administration processes. Not only does it cut out all the farmers but it completely stops all technical and community colleges from conducting any of their own research.

An inside source recently informed us that there could potentially be a small pledge of money from a representative who was responsible for the introduced of the House version. The money is supposed to be for helping with all the research if true this seems to be very unfair.

The Chairman for some reason is deciding to ignore HB 2182, as well as all of the 103 votes that came originally from the House. There has been a hearing held, lasting just over two days. The aim of which was to focus solely on SB 263, which again is not what the Kansas agricultural communities need.




Kansas has no excuse for when it comes to the growth of an expanding industry. As across its western border, Colorado is leading the charge in this new swiftly growing industry.

Counter to what many organizations are now starting to claim. The 2014 Farm Bill does exclusively state that research does not fundamentally come under the Bill.

There are a few pilot programs which are actually open for farmers. There are even approved under the state’s department of agriculture. So it’s not required to have any oversight from another agency.

In contrast, there are bills like SB 263 which do unfairly take farmers out from the equation. Resulting in an inaccurate yield or non-conclusive research. Still, distrust is inevitable as the farmers who try to carry out any research to better understand the best methodology for cultivating and harvesting hemp. Many farmers are still continually not even allowed to attempt, any of the needed process surrounding the production of hemp.

Lawmakers need to be looking towards Virginia as there restrictive laws on hemp, needs to be the perfect example of what should never happen.

As a result of the laws past in Virginia make it actually impossible to make any sort of profit from the growing of hemp.

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Given the continuous negative pressure on agricultural markets, the Kansas rural communities do in fact need everyone’s support all the more now.

The production of hemp will be the perfect motivation to produce a working relationship with the state and all of the other entities. At the center will be a project that is forward thinking appealing.

It will be very important that the research and production happen simultaneously, on the grounds that everything should be moving forward together at a mutually beneficial pace. If so it would mean that Kansas could contribute both greatly to the innovation and practical application of hemp production, as it would be the industry leader.

All the way back in 1863, Kansas was once the actual number one producer in the nation of industrial hemp. Do you not think it’s about time to restore this amazing achievement back to the hard-working farmers of Kansas? It would be incredible if they could all helped to contribute, once again towards this nation’s largest agricultural industry.

On the first of February 2020, SB 263 was finally passed out of committee with there only being some minor amendments made by to the Senate. As of now, It has not been decided if the farmers Kansas will be included in the production of industrial hemp. Visit https://cbdoiladviser.com/  to read more.




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