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Although we talk about the amazing benefits of hemp a lot, it seems that some people are still not convinced.

Maybe you like the sound of hemp and its benefits but aren’t sure if it’s right for you. To help convince you and highlight exactly how beneficial hemp will be to your lifestyle, here are six of the most important reasons you should start using hemp today.

These reasons are in no particular order as all of them are equally as vital. Without further ado:


1. Hemp is one of the best healthy, natural supplements out there.

Why exactly is hemp is called a superfood? In some cases, we’ve even heard it addressed as the miracle food and even the perfect food! Hemp is the only plant source that provides such a high nutritional value, meaning it can benefit anyone’s diet.

Hemp provides more protein than any other so-called superfoods, like flax or chia seeds, and the unique acids make hemp nutritionally superior to anything else. This plant holds an amazing balance of essential fatty acids, amino acids, fiber as well as a variety of other beneficial minerals. Hemp provides such much of what your body needs!

Check out https://cbdoiladviser.com/ our Hemp Superfood page for a full breakdown of its nutrition.


2. Hemp seed is an amazing alternative to your daily nutritional needs.

Are you allergic to dairy or gluten? Can you not take alternatives like soy? Hemp is a brilliant substitute for other protein supplements that are available on the market. In fact, hemp will actually provide your body with a variety of your daily nutritional needs and essential minerals, as well as being a protein alternative.

Hemp milk can be a great source of these benefits and can be easily inserted into your daily eating routines. Tempt is a company that produces hemp milk and should be easily accessible for most of you out there.

However, if you can’t get a hold of hemp milk or are simply looking for another way to retrieve the benefits, then you can try adding hemp seeds into your morning cereal or lunchtime salad.


3. Hemp is a sustainable product from the moment it is planted.

It is no secret that modern day production processes are destroying our planet. If you’re concerned about your impact on planet Earth and want to change your habits to have less of an impact, then hemp is the right material for you.

Hemp can be used for so many different things. Popular Mechanics predicted in 1941 that hemp has up to 25,000 different applications – and surely we can find a few more nowadays!

We can gain so much for this one plant, ensuring that other materials that we’re so used to using like cotton, trees, and plastic needn’t be made as much. These materials are much more harmful to the planet, especially when compared to hemp.

All products made from hemp such as CBD cannabidiol gummies and CBD isolate capsules are sustainable and totally eco-friendly. We are cutting down more trees than those that can be planted and grow back in time to fix our impact; cotton severely damages the earth it is grown in, and we all know the insane impact plastic is having on the atmosphere and planet.

Hemp plastic, however, is completely biodegradable and will fully decompose under the soil in 90 days. Using hemp products is a simple but effective way to do your bit for the planet.


4. Hemp can bring big profits to farmers and small businesses, thus improving our economy.

Hemp has many monetary benefits, both to those who grow it and to those who use it in their products. By purchasing hemp-based products like pure CBD oil vape you are giving back to these communities and contributing to the improvement of our overall economy.

Hemp has been proven to be more profitable for farmers than other industrial crops. An example is this comes from Canada where hemp farmers have profited $250 per acre – a figure that is unheard of in other crops.

The majority of brands that use this hemp are small, boutique businesses (although some large consumer brands in the US are also getting behind this movement now) and by purchasing their products you can help support their growth.

Many of these businesses were founded due to the passion and love the entrepreneurs have for hemp and its benefits, and by supporting their work you are personally contributing to the overall industry.

Many of our government officials are looking to legalize hemp to help both the farmers and these businesses as they are aware of the greater impact it will have to our economy.


5. Hemp is grown organically, making it better for you and the planet.

Unlike traditional crops, hemp requires little to no chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers to aid its growth. All of these chemicals have nasty effects on the atmosphere and can often intersect with our crops.

It has been legal to grow hemp in Canada since 1998 and in all this time there have been no registered pesticides associated with this type of farming. Hemp is grown chemical free.


6. You can contribute to the legalization of hemp just through buying products.

Everything you spend your money on is a vote for the materials, practices, and morals you support. By purchasing and using hemp-based products you are raising awareness for the hemp cause and showing corporations that you support natural, safe and sustainable options.

Hemp has been prohibited in the United States for too long now and the countless misconceptions we have about this plant are making us almost forget the uses and benefits it really has.

Use your money as your vote and get yourself some hemp-based products today. Together we can irradicate these misconceptions and make the industry better.

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