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There is a lot to be said for CBD oil and its many advantages. There is undoubtedly a whole wide world of CBD products out there on the market available for purchase, all different shapes, and all different strengths and sizes. Just like your average pain killer or other medication, CBD comes in a variety of different strengths and doses. Tons of benefits of CBD oil for migraines and for other pain is known in our time.

For those who are as yet unaware, CBD stands for cannabidiol, a substance found in marijuana and hemp. The oil can be derived from either the cannabis or the hemp plant, and one has a higher level of THC (psychedelic compound) than the other, that is cannabis has higher levels than hemp. The high THC levels found in CBD cannabis oil are what makes the user feel ‘high’ and alters the brain.

Generally speaking, you do not get the ‘high’ feeling from using CBD. What it is actually used for varies and includes treatment of seizures, sickness, vomiting, pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, anxiety, epilepsy, cancer pain management, Chron’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, other digestive diseases, and even acne.

Though these all vary in severity, and what you want your CBD for will depend on how strong you want the dosage and concentration to be. If you are looking to improve acne, for example, you will not be needing as high a dose as pain medication for cancer. Children and adults gain use out of CBD, and obviously, the dosages for each will be entirely different given size and development of each body.

You also need to be aware of how much your body can handle, and as with anything new, it is best to be introduced in smaller concentrations and dosages until the body gets used to the foreign substance. This is a sensible way to start any form of ‘medication’ no matter how natural it may be, as everyone reacts differently to different things.



So what is considered as strong CBD?

CBD dosage is something that has been surrounded by controversy and false advertising. You need to research the product thoroughly as a bottle with a certain amount of liquid in it, will not be solely CBD. You need to observe the concentration of CBD mixed in with other ingredients in order to fully understand what dosage you are taking.

The highest concentration of CBD in CBD oils tends to be around 4000 mg, again per a 30 mil bottle of CBD oil. This is quite high and quite strong and is not for a novice user. The effects would be rapid and strong, which is what some people may need, but it is for the stronger and more severe patients looking for pain management and other forms of relief.

The starting point, or smaller dose percentage of CBD, tends to start around 100mg again per a 30 mil bottle of CBD oil. This is about average and normally goes up in 100 mg increments, building up the concentration slowly. The price goes up of course with the higher concentration. This allows for experimentation and exploration of how the body responds to the different dosage levels.


What are the advantages of the stronger dose of CBD oil?

You use less oil: This is obviously a great advantage. If you are using a smaller dose but getting through more oil because it doesn’t feel like it is doing the right trick for your body, then you will naturally use less oil with a higher dose as your body will get what it needs more efficiently.

You have a higher tolerance: Your tolerance for lower doses has been built over time, and therefore you will be able to take in and benefit from the higher doses without negative side effects and while gaining all the good for your body that the lower dose cannot provide. There are many products out there and different types of CBD oil for weight loss and pain relief available that one should be always be wary of the proper dosage so as not to harm oneself.

More effective for more serious cases: The higher dose obviously means that your body is getting more nutrients and a better treatment overall. If your pain is more severe, then a higher dose will treat this better.


What are the disadvantages of the stronger dose of CBD oil?

You have a higher tolerance: You may have built your tolerance up so high that it keeps on building when you start taking the higher dose, and you end up with a medicine that you can’t benefit from either as there is no higher dose to be taken.

Higher cost: You get more CBD concentration in the higher dose bottles; therefore it costs more as well. Though with the higher price tag, you may use less oil, so the price may even out eventually after a long time of usage. It may take you a while to balance out cost wise.

May affect other parts of the body negatively: Too much CBD cannot cause fatal side effects. However, it can interfere with other functions in the body such as liver functions. This can cause havoc for other things, nothing life-threatening, but still not nice to go through.

Higher risk of side effects: Of course, like any medication, there are reported side effects. These include fatigue and dry mouth amongst other things. This can only be avoided by taking lower doses, or not taking CBD at all. You could put up with the side effects, of course, that is down to personal preference.


Examples of stronger CBD oil products available on the current market

Every Day Optimal: This is a well known and well-trusted brand of CBD oil products. They produce CBD oil 30ml in size with a concentration of 4000mgs of CBD. This is very strong, one of the strongest known available on the market right now and it comes very well reviewed from a variety of customers with a variety of ailments.

Cannabidiol Life: This company offers a 30ml bottle with a CBD concentration of 3000mgs. This is again, quite strong, and very well reviewed from their customers.



It is only recommended that people who have built up a high tolerance for CBD oil should try out such high doses. These levels of CBD are certainly not for beginners and new users, as they may have adverse effects on the body which is counterproductive in terms of what CBD oil is actually used for, i.e., all the brilliant health benefits it can provide for you.

CBD is not dangerous, but it can come with side effects, and like anything that you put in your body should be taken with careful respect and consideration for what you are putting into your body and what the consequences of that may be. If you are just starting out to explore CBD, then stick to the lower doses for now! Visit Cbd Oil Adviser.

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