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Carapex offers a large variety of all natural hemp body products. Each of them will help to improve the overall condition of your skin and hair.

All the products in the BC Bud Hemp collection are made from the very best all natural Hemp oil. What you may not know about hemp oil is that it is very high in Omega 3. Which is a fatty acid compared to other oils.

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Meaning, that due to the naturally high concentration of Omega 3 all of the BC Bud Hemp Collection is optimized for smoothing and firming your skin.

This is achieved due to the essential Amino acids in the hemp and Omega 3. Your skin and hair will begin to retain more moisture resulting in a healthier appearance. Stopping all existence of dry skin and hair.

So whether you suffer from dry skin, or alternatively you may have a dry scalp. Your search for the best natural skin and hair care products is now officially over.

The BC Bud Hemp Collection will improve the look and feel of your skin/ hair because of the use of the very best hemp oil. Check out where you can find best CBD hemp oil near you here: CBD hemp oil for sale near me.

Their special formula enriches you with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins everything your skin and hair needs to feel like silk.

In this article, we present you with 6 BC Bud Hemp Collection products ranging from hair and skin care all the way to massage oil. So no matter your needs, this article will give you all the information you could want about each product.


Hemp & Omega 3 Shampoo

BC Bud uses only the finest cold pressed hemp oil to nourish your hair. Soon as you start using the shampoo you will begin noticing a natural shine to your hair. Not only will your hair look great but feel great, as the shampoo contains omega 3 which strengthens your scalp and hair shaft. Improving the overall quality of your hair immediately.


Hemp & Omega 3 Conditioner

The BC Bud Conditioner is specially formulated with amino acids to completely revitalize damaged proteins within the hair. Used within combination with the shampoo your hair will look the best it ever has. The Amino acids found in the conditioner will improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture, reducing the amount of dry skin. Which in turn will restore your hair back to it’s healthy, shiny look.


Hemp & Olive Body Butter

BC Bud Hemp & Olive Body Butter is specially designed to nourish tired dry skin. As Hemp oil is naturally high in Omega 3 making it the perfect ingredient to replenish the skin. Hemp oil is possibly the most important ingredient in a quality natural body butter. As Omega 3 is great for your skin cells because it is very effective at getting rid of all the waste products that can gather on your skin. Simply put, using the Hemp & Olive Body Butter will make your skin noticeably healthier.


Hemp Shower Gel

Do you want your skin to feel its smoothest and have it looking it’s healthiest? Then there’s only one option for you the BC Bud Shower Gel. Is designed to make your skin the best it can be. By only using the very best natural oil derived from hemp. Your skin will receive all the natural benefits that hemp oil has to offer. Your skin needs the essential vitamins and acids found in hemp oil.


Hemp & Avocado Massage Oil

When you are having a message you want to have the best experience you can for your body and your mind. By using this amazing hemp massage oil it will offer you the complete care and relaxation you deserve.

No other massage oil glides along and soaks into your skin with such ease. Not only do you get to have a great experience but, you get all the health benefits associated with hemp oil. Your skin will thank you in return, for making it so soft.


Hemp Brightening Facial Cleanser

This all-natural botanical facial cleanser has so many more benefits than any ordinary facial cleaner. With added Vitamin C from the hemp oil, your skin will see an improvement in its skin tone and skin brightness.

Not only does the facial cleanser whisk away all surface grime, but it will calm any redness you may have on your face. Most importantly it will leave your face cleansed and exfoliated but not dehydrate. Everything you could ever want from a facial cleanser.

CBD Oil Adviser hope this article has made it easier to understand what each product can do for you. As well as help you to see the amazing benefit of using hemp oil in skin and hair care products.



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