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As technology progresses, the wants and needs of society develop and change.  The hemp plant, a neighbor of marijuana, was once wildly condemned as a drug and prohibited broadly in its industrial cultivation.  However, as technology has developed and an awareness of the plant’s benefits to both people and the extensive environment are appreciated, society is beginning to question previous notions alleged about the crop.  One such benefit is the extraction of the Cannabidiol supplement.

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, is found in the hemp plant.  Crucially, the hemp plant has no psychoactive properties and therefore is nothing like its relation, marijuana.  Conversely, Cannabidiol contains numerous medicinal benefits such as pain relief and can go further to help with anxiety, relaxation, and inflammation as well as other specific conditions.   The supplement is becoming more and more prevalent and widespread as the negative associations are obliterated and the positive actualities seize society.

The distinctive effects of CBD within the brain further ensure that the fashionable supplement accommodates remedial benefits.  CBD is unlike the many other chemicals present within cannabis or hemp in the way in which it interacts with the brain; CBD exhibits a minimal effect on CB1 and CB2, the two substantial receptors present within the nervous system.  Further research is discovering extended benefits of the use in individuals with health problems.  Additional research, of course, is always required; no doubt there are numerous other uses of the product. 


Analgesic Benefits

Research has shown that CBD possesses analgesic effects, being valuable in the fight to quell pains through impeding neuronal transmission whilst ensuring that analgesic tolerance is not initiated.  Studies have therefore concluded that CBD may be able to be exploited in underpinning the remedy for chronic pain.


Antianxiety Benefits

An additional benefit of using CBD is the decreasing of anxiety symptoms displayed by some individuals.  Studies are highlighting that conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may possibly be treated through the use of CBD.  A specific study which analyzed the antianxiety effects of CBD was carried-out in 2011, looking at twenty-four individuals who suffered from social anxiety disorder.  CBD was given to some individuals an hour and a half before the assessment and it was revealed that those individuals actually recorded much less discomfort, cognitive impairment, and anxiety than those individuals pre-treated with a different compound.

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Neurological Benefits

It is proven that CBD enjoys neurological benefits and it is very probable that it could be beneficial in treating diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  During a recent study of the disease, the use of CBD was shown to stunt the development of the most common symptoms when shielding neurons from the effects of deterioration.


Antitumor Benefits

CBD Oil Adviser medical exploration has proven that CBD also contains antitumor properties and that large doses of the product may, in fact, contribute in fighting diseases such as leukemia as the antitumor properties stunt the growth of cancer cells. 


Therapeutic Benefits of CBD

In addition to medicinal benefits, CBD allows the user to experience several therapeutic benefits.  The individual may encounter benefits physically as well as psychologically.

It has been widely acknowledged that THC is responsible for increased anxiety in many individuals.  In contrast, CBD has been proven to reduce the anxiety experienced by some individuals who suffer from various anxiety disorders.  This theory has been supported by research completed by Neurotherapeutics who are pushing for CBD to be used effectively for patients as a supplement.

Much research is being carried out into the benefits which CBD has in the fight to treat epilepsy as well as neuropsychiatric disorders, due to the anti-seizure assets it possesses.  This notion is supported by studies within Epilepsia, revealing that further research is being sustained in the aim to treat such conditions as well as neurodegeneration, neuronal injury and psychiatric diseases.

Due to the benefits that CBD retains in helping to decrease levels of anxiety, it is therefore supported that CBD may be able to help improve sleep quality.  A greater amount of sleep experienced by the individual helps to placate insomnia and chronic pain, encouraging alertness and decreasing drowsiness during the daytime.  This may be achieved by using a smaller dose of CBD.  However, a larger dose of CBD consumed several hours before bedtime may subsequently lead to a restful sleep.


The Brain’s Response to CBD

As previously specified, CBD does not greatly affect the CB1 and CB2 receptors within the nervous system; the receptors which interact with other psychoactive compounds present within marijuana which consequently cause hallucinogenic corollaries.  Whilst CBD does affect several molecular pathways, it subsequently augments and impedes the binding feat of protein-coupled receptors.



The Serotonin receptor system perceives a correspondence between CBD and the serotonin 1A receptor.  The correlation between CBD and the 1A receptor is responsible for many therapeutic characteristics of the compound.  It is important to validate that the serotonin receptors are able to affect the appetite, cognition, and mood of an individual as well as being able to control the release of various hormones. 

One such hormone is cortisol, a hormone accountable for an individual’s reaction to stress as well as being responsible for their metabolism.  A second such hormone is an oxytocin which is a hormone which affects social behavior.  These exposures enhance the notion that the link between CBD and the serotonin A1 receptors obstruct various health issues such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and neuropathic pain. Know here what is the best CBD vape oil for anxiety.



The therapeutic benefits of CBD are as a result of the collaboration between the compounds with the vanilloid receptors, also known as the TRPV1 receptors.  Here, the body witnesses temperature regulation along with inflammation relief and comfort against the perception of pain.



Nuclear receptors, also termed PPARs, are able to construct an anti-cancer effect when coupled with CBD properties when activated an anti-proliferative effect on the façade of the cell’s nucleus.  Tumors are able to retreat in lung cancer cell lines.



The orphan receptor aids in the method of modulating blood pressure along with bone density and bone re-absorption.  Also labeled GPR55, this receptor is termed the orphan receptor as much is still not known about it and studies suggest the receptor may be part of a wider family tree.  Interestingly, when GPR55 is overactive, osteoporosis may result and may also interpose to the development of cancer cells.  The correspondence between this receptor and CBD, however, may result in the flourishing of cancer cells diminishing when conditions are perfect due to CBD blocking GPR55 signals.


Anandamide Reuptake Inhibitor


As if CBD did not already have enough benefits to the user when interacting with aspects of the individual’s brain, CBD also demonstrates anandamide reuptake and breakdown when reacting in the brain.  This results in the brain’s synapses witnessing an increased level of endocannabinoid and can, therefore, observe neuroprotective effects to help against seizures.

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Like other plant compounds, to connect with a nuclear receptor the CBD must travel into a human cell via a cell membrane.   A fatty acid binding protein, or FABP, binds to the CBD and it is then able to journey into the inner of the cell.  This method is also true when other chemicals, such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is responsible for cannabis’ psychological effects, are transported inside other parts of the cell.

THC is predominantly accountable for the negative aspects of cannabis once it connects to the CB1 and CB2 receptors, being found in the secreted resin from the marijuana plant.  THC is then activated and the individual’s brain becomes corrupted.  Their memory, their thinking, and their concentration are tainted.  Interestingly, CBD may help to reduce the effects of THC and alleviate symptoms of anxiety helping an individual to feel a respite from symptoms of anxiety without the negative psychological effects.

CBD maintains a strong attraction to various types of FABP’s, resulting in CBD finding itself in competition with endocannabinoids.  Usually, once endocannabinoids find themselves within the cell, a metabolic enzyme breaks down the anandamide.  The process by which the endocannabinoids take subsequently interferes with CBD as the entry by which the anandamide accesses FABP is decreased and postponed from arriving in the cell.


The Future of CBD Usage


Whilst decades of medical research has proven the negative effects of substances such as THC has on the brain, CBD, in contrast, is revealing itself to maintain countless possibilities in the benefits offered instead.  Science and society in general, must separate what is known about both cannabis and hemp and exploit all resources in order to help both the brain and the body of the individual.

By separating hemp from cannabis, science can then aim to discover new and impressive ways to help improve various treatments for the human body, eliminating the negative connotations which hemp suffers from due to the relationship it shares with cannabis.

The hemp plant as a whole is able to offer our world many advantages.  From the medicinal and therapeutic advancements offered by CBD, to the physical and environmental gains obtainable from producing fibers.  There are boundless rewards available through the study and usage of the hemp plant if we could only open our eyes and our ears to the truths presented in front of us.



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