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As more nations slowly start to introduce hemp, the hype around CBD continues.

This has led parents with children that have sicknesses, looking at different types of remedies in the hopes of making their child’s life that little bit better. However, you may have trouble looking up the benefits of CBD, seeing as they are near impossible to find.

Everyone seems to be talking about how amazing it is, but no one is asking one of the most important questions. What does CBD really do for you?

We can stop you here and assure you that CBD is not a hoax. You might now be thinking why many people don’t know much about CBD then. We will go into that a bit further down the track but let’s just begin with why there are so much faith and desire about this chemical.



As information continues to come out consistently applauding the benefits of CBD, the media continues to sustain the drive behind it. Below are a few examples:

– “For the first time in a decade, he is living like a normal boy.” – Wired
– “Immediately after starting the cannabis oil, Ryan went into his longest remission ever” – Fox 17
– “Cannabis oil cures boy of cancer after doctors gave him 48 hours to live” – Green Rush Daily

Still, after stories such as the ones listed above, there are still some people out there skeptical of CBD. These people are still wondering, but what are the actual benefits? How does it help people? And why don’t more people know about this?



This lack can ultimately come down to a few reasons which all happen to be connected. The first reason being the disapproving attitude of cannabis that is still very common in our society.

We’ve all heard the stories from those around us about how cannabis can affect us. From our parents and teachers to news stories on TV. As we grow up, everyone tells us not to use it.

A video of Gary Johnson faking a heart attack because of an exaggerated assertion against cannabis is one example.

This disapproving attitude means that the progression of medical research about CBD slows down. Although the US Government has a patent which has the benefits of CBD, The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) reject the idea of changing their viewpoint on cannabis.

Any brand will have trouble labeling the benefits of CBD on their products because of inconclusive research. Declaring a specific benefit without any approval from the FDA is ethically wrong and could lead to some legal trouble later down the track.



While CBD research isn’t conclusive, there has been a lot of progress. Currently, we know how CBD connects with our brain and body. What those connections mean is something that is still yet to be determined.

Although research trials maintain progress while researchers continue to accurately find the benefits of CBD, it is critical to remember that a lot of this progress is continuously slowed down because the government will not change their stance.

Here is a list, made up by our scientific community, that shows the findings of the benefits of CBD. The list is compromised of medical journals and research publications.


1. Epilepsy.

CBD was first brought to everyone’s attention when CNN came out with a documentary about a girl called Charlotte who suffered from the dravet syndrome. The documentary said that CBD improved Charlotte’s condition and went on to show anecdotal testimonies and initial research.

Here are some sources and their links on how this conclusion between epilepsy and CBD was reached.

– There is evidence that says CBD is therapeutic for a variety of human epilepsies. (Source)


2. Chronic Pain

Results hint that CBD can lessen chronic pain, especially when it is related to nerve pain.

– There is an indication of the potential therapeutic use of CBD in a state of chronic pain. (Source)
– The fundamental administration of CBD naturally suppresses chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain without causing apparent analgesic intolerance. (Source)

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3. Anxiety

CBD is most promising for its anti-anxiety abilities. Pet owners have said that using CBD oil on their dogs has helped with their anxiety issues. Trials have shown this to be the result for not just animals, but humans too.

– Pre-treatment with CBD reduced anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in speech performance. (Source)
– CBD lessens anxiety in social anxiety disorder and suggests that it is related to areas in the brain. (Source)

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4. Depression

Testing has shown that a small amount of CBD causes an ‘active’ effect, allowing you to concentrate and stay active. Bigger doses have the opposite effect, a ‘sedative’ effect.

– CBD showed anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects in animals (Source)


5. Arthritis

You might see brands developing products infused with CBD like CBD gum for arthritis. This is because a benefit of CBD is that it helps relieve joint pains. 

– CBD was carried out on two models and showed the treatment blocking advancement of arthritis. When conducted i.p or orally, the treatment was shown to be effective. (Source)


6. Diabetes

The testing of CBD on diabetes is still in its early stages. These findings, however, have shown that THC and CBD are effective in decreasing cell damages in relation to diabetes. 

– CBD treatment lessens the prevalence of diabetes in NOD mice from 86% of non-treated control mice to 30% in CBD treated mice. (Source)


7. Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, and Smoking

This may seem like an unexpected application and benefit of CBD. A promising application is applying CBD to deter those who smoke cigarettes. Trials have proven that CBD can diminish nicotine addiction and have lessened the number of cigarettes smoked by 40%.

– CBD can be effective for treating cannabis withdrawal syndrome. (Source)
– Studies have shown that CBD may have healing properties on cocaine, opioid and other psychostimulants such as ecstasy and methamphetamine.  (Source)



We at Cbd Oil Adviser did more researched to state that these findings are actual benefits of CBD. However, the results look promising, and if approval of CBD is shown by the government, synthetic drugs could be replaced allowing those in need to use a natural option as a remedy.



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