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More people are turning to hemp oils for their healing properties and for a natural alternative for a variety of uses including medicine, health & beauty and aromatherapy. As popularity for these products increases, it is important to know their differences to ensure you know what best suits your needs and can be confident about purchasing the right product with awareness.

After a top review for a hemp seed oil, the product was published on Amazon to praise the benefits of CDB’s for pain relief, there appears to be some confusion around the different types of hemp oils and their functions. This is because hemp seed oil does not contain CBD’s which are only found in a specific type of hemp oil and therefore cannot contribute to pain relief. Despite belonging to the same plant, hemp and CBD oils have a wide range of different uses and effects.

For customers to get the most out of these oils, it is important to recognize how they differ. Understanding their individual uses will make it possible to get the most out of a product and provide accurate advice for others while reducing the publication of misleading information.


Three Different Types of Hemp Oil

  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • CBD Hemp Oil
  • Hemp Essential Oil

While these oils are all extracted from the same plant, the different oils are sourced from different parts of the hemp plant and the ways in which they are processed changes their properties to produce very different effects. By understanding the properties of each type, you can be sure about which oils are best suited to your needs and the effects they will have.



Hemp Seed Oil

This oil is sourced from the seeds of the hemp plant and can be processed in two ways:


1. Unrefined Hemp Seed Oil

Unrefined hemp oil is cold-pressed. This process is more gentle than the refined method which allows the oil to retain its healing properties. Its natural green hue and nutty flavor are preserved to create a wonderfully balanced oil packed with nutrients including essential fatty acids which produce anti-inflammatory effects.

As with other unrefined oils, it can also be referred to as “virgin”, “extra virgin”, “raw”, or “pure”. The low-heat environment does not bleach or deodorize the oil, meaning that its shelf life is much shorter than refined oil and once opened will require refrigeration. It is worth noting that unrefined hemp oil can produce a bad smell as it nears expiration.

It is worth checking with manufacturers to find out how long they have held the product to avoid the disappointment in purchasing an unopened bottle that has been in storage only to find it comes with a bad smell. This will also save time by ensuring the product is fresh and won’t need to be returned.


2. Refined Hemp Seed oil

This process has a much longer shelf life than unrefined hemp seed oil and forms a completely different product. The complex process of bleaching and deodorizing that occurs in the refining method produces a clear and odorless oil, making it a suitable ingredient not only for beauty products but can also be found in industrial plastics, lubricants, and fuel.

Refining the hemp seeds creates a robust raw material, otherwise known as feedstock. The refining process causes the oil to lose the beneficial vitamins and antioxidants than other hemp oils contain, which is useful to know if choosing hemp oils for their healing properties. Refined hemp seed oil is a super fat which is used in luxury cold-pressed soaps to create a smooth texture and nourishing moisturizer.



CBD Hemp Oil

CBD, known as cannabidiol, is the medicinal strain of hemp oils. While CBD hemp oil is still heavily regulated in the US, it is low in THC. This means it is non-psychoactive yet still contains healing properties proven to relieve pain (find out here what is best CBD oil for pain ), including the reduction of symptoms and discomfort in those who suffer from seizures, epilepsy, and cancer.

Cbd Oil Adviser research into the precise benefits of this oil are still being concluded, yet its reputation is becoming more reputable in the medical world and is the fastest growing product in the hemp industry.

It should be noted that customers should be aware of regulations when purchasing CBD products. While the quality and purity of most imported CBD hemp oil are monitored in the US before becoming commercially available, it is still a largely unchartered territory which should be approached with care and used after relevant research has been carried out.

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Hemp Essential Oil

This oil is derived from the plant instead of the seed. The plants higher leaves and flowers are delicately distilled with steam to obtain its pure essence. Absent of CBD or THC, this oil is one of the world’s most costly with more than fifty pounds of hemp plant required to make a single ounce of oil. The oil is highly concentrated with a sweet, peppery fragrance and a pale hue.

This oil is traditionally known for its soothing qualities used on the nervous system as a stress reliever and relaxant. Its strong, pleasant aroma is often paired with other scents to be used in aromatherapy.

Hemp essential oil is not widely available in the US but can be found in candles and massage oils as a way of endorsing its healing attributes.


Why it Matters

The rapid increase in popularity of hemp oils being used as a natural alternative to medicine and body care, and to contribute to well-being indicates the necessity for information about these products to be made available.

Each type of oil differs considerably in the processing and beneficial attributes which is why understanding these products is important to ensure you are using the right product for your needs. It would be a disappointment to expect pain relief from hemp seed oil for example (Find out here where to buy CBD oil for pain near you: CBD oil for pain for sale near me), and the accuracy of information when passing on to others is vital to ensure individual needs are being met to avoid misleading others and being dissatisfied by the wrong product.

By creating awareness about each product and encouraging informed discussions with others it will be possible to promote the correct use of these oils enabling everyone to benefit from their intended uses.



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