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The wonder seed hemp body care is blended with virgin seed oil to create an organic skin care solution. Hemp itself is actually illegal to grow in the US, the hemp oil used within the wonder seed products is therefore imported from Canada where the farmers make sure not to use any harmful pesticides during the growing process creating the best seeds.

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Formally known as the Healing seed, and reworked to the Wonder seed to provide a more fitting description for the product, the wonder seed’s formula has been developed gradually for over 25 years by experts and professionals in natural body care, botanicals, and aromatherapy.

The main goal and purpose of the wonder seed are to care for and alleviate the hair and skin. With a magical line up of products, including one of the most wholesome oils on earth, virgin organic hempseed oil.

The amazing benefits of using the wonder seed body care products include vastly improving your skin texture, harmonizing your oil profile and providing your skin with a healthy looking natural glow.


Product Types.

The wonder seed offers four distinct product types each with their own use and benefit to address all your body and skin care needs. Of course, all made with natural ingredients.


Hemp Wonder seed Shampoo

Blended with virgin hemp seed oil, organic aloe vera, ginseng extract, coconut oil, nettle extract, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and other all natural ingredients the hemp shampoo provides your hair with a revitalizing lift, which cleanses all hair types and seals in moisture to add an energetic bounce and shine, also with the added ability to keep even the driest and oily hair in check.

The wonder seed hemp shampoo is 100% color safe, enabling it to be used on dyed hair as well.

Being 100% toxin free with no potentially harmful ingredients like gluten and artificial colors, the shampoo is clean enough even for use on children and infants.

With a subtle blend of organic orange and organic jasmine blossom, the wonder seed shampoo produces a calming scent which appeals to both men and women alike.


Hemp Wonder seed Conditioner

What better way to take over from where the wonder seed shampoo left off than with the hemp conditioner. Also made from nothing but natural ingredients.

The hemp seed oil is one of the best sources of omega 3 and 6 and works in beautiful harmony with the color safe, natural ingredients to hydrate and repair all hair types.

The wonder seed conditioner can also be used to tackle even the most problematic of scalps without any greasy build up of oil. It even has the potential to work at keeping bouts of eczema under control.




Produced 100% cruelty-free with 100% natural organic ingredients. The hemp seed oil is created with full sustainability in mind meaning no harm to our precious environment in any way.

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Hemp Wonder seed Facial Cream

The wonder seed hemp facial cream will nourish your skin with the aid of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and various antioxidants. While also wiping away the appearance of wrinkles with the anti-aging capabilities of the facial cream. Of Course like the previous products, the facial cream is both 100% toxin free and great for the environment.


Hemp Wonder seed Facial Cleanser

With a harmonious blend of virgin hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, organic aloe vera, organic green tea extract, organic cucumber extract, plant-based hyaluronic acid, and other organic, nourishing ingredients.

The wonder seed facial cleanser eliminates impurities and hydrates the skin. The daily facial cleanser works wonders with dry and oily skin.

Used in line with the wonder seed hemp cream moisturizer it provides the perfect solution for eczema relief and acne control. The hemp seed facial cleanser is scented with EcoCert certified organic English Daisy essential oil.

 And what a surprise! It’s perfect for the environment with the same organic and cruelty-free ingredients used in all wonder seed hemp products.

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