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There’s a whole bunch of options when it comes to buying CBD products. You may be unsure on which method is right for you. If that’s the case then this article is what you’ve been after. As it will go into detail about the top six ways to consume CBD oil.

You may have noticed that there are loads of brands around these days, all offering the newest version of CBD oil. Every brand is now offering a load of different types of CBD products. Which can make it more confusing to know what product is right for you. To make it even worse each product tends to come in a different concentration.


But how do you know which is best for you?


So you’re unsure on which brand is best for you? Then you need to check the CBD Review page. There you’ll find which brand is ideal for what you’re looking for. A quick top tip is to make sure that the brand you decide on, provide third-party results.

Once you’ve selected a brand that you can trust, it’s very easy to get confused. By the CBD product, you should be buying.

Lots of brands have started to offer a large selection of products. The option paralysis can be overwhelming given the plentiful amount of products on sale. The thought alone can cause a lot of stress, more than it really deserves.

That’s why you should definitely check out the rest of the article below. As we have broken everything down for you, making your decision-making process much easier.

We have created a list of our top 6 ways to take CBD. The article will describe everything you need to know about each of the products. Including what each type of product is and how it’s effective (or ineffective) Also going through the correct way to use each product.


Now we move on to the top 6 ways of taking CBD oil:


●     Tinctures

●     Concentrates

●     Capsules

●     Topicals

●     Sprays

●     Vapes


Before you buy any of these products, we implore you to do plenty of your own personal research on CBD. Please pay close attention to trusted clinical publications before you make any decision.

Now, that’s all out of way let get started on the reason you click on this article!


1. Tinctures


Tinctures have become the most common way of using CBD on the market to date. It’s definitely the purest application method of CBD. Since the manufacturers tend not to do any form of separation process on the CBD oil. If you would prefer to have a little flavor added then there are brand’s that offer a large number of different flavored Tinctures. This can make Tinctures easier to take for some people.        

Tinctures are used by dropping a few drops under your tongue. The dosage will range from 100mg-1000mg, it’s very important to do your own research. Pay close attention to which strength you decide on, make sure it’s right for you.

The main negative of using tinctures is that it can get a bit messy if you spill any when using it. Using CBD in this way is not for everyone, largely if you plan on using it constantly.


How you take it

A tincture is the most effective method for ingesting CBD. It’s very important that you don’t swallow the liquid right away. As you will want to ingest as much as you can sub-bilingually. Simply put the dosage underneath your tongue leave it there for as long as you can. As this will help you get the best results.


2. Concentrates


CBD concentrates do tend to contain the highest dosage of CBD when compared to the other products. It very common for Concentrates to contain as much as ten times the amount of concentration levels when compared to the other CBD products. Compared to tinctures, the concentrates are very convenient for your everyday usage. As it only takes a few seconds to consume, also it’s way messy.

The main downside of Concentrates is them not flavored. This may, in fact, put many people off from taking them, as they don’t like the natural flavor. Also if you are a beginner, then concentrates may be quite intimidating, as they’re shaped just like a syringe.

Overall, the CBD concentrates are often the most popular among customers, that are extremely busy. Yet they are seeking for a large potency of CBD at a low effort.


How to use

It’s actually very similar to tinctures since you need to place the concentrate underneath your tongue. Once that’s done you simply let it ingest over time.


3. Capsules


It’s best to use the capsules as a daily supplement. As it’s definitely the best way to add CBD to your life. Capsules are way easier for you to take when compared to the previously mentioned methods. If you are already taking other vitamins then, you can simply just take the CBD capsules with the rest of your daily regimen.

Capsules tend to offer a small dosage anywhere from 10-25mg of CBD. Since the capsule has a set dosage of CBD, it’s very easy to keep track of your CBD intake.

However, CBD pills are fairly limited when you try to tweak your daily intake. Especially when you’re trying to find out the correct dosage.

The best way to get around this problem is by using additional products, for example, tinctures. Using the tinctures alongside the capsules will allow you to get the desired amount of CBD.

Know where to find CBD capsules near you: CBD capsules near me.


How to use

Capsules are the simplest way to get your daily CBD dosage. Simply take a capsule (or the required amount) in the morning with a glass of water.


4. Topicals


Many brands have begun to add CBD in many types of topicals, including lotions and lip balms. The reason for this is due to the natural skin benefits associated with CBD.

CBD topicals are known to help with serious medical issues such as chronic pain and inflammation.

When buying any topical products, make sure that you look for keywords that are on the product’s label. That show’s that the product does use nanotechnology or micellization of CBD. As this will show that their solution can carry CBD down to the dermal layers, meaning it will get you much better results. If not then the solution will just stay on top of the skin and not be as effective.

As you have read, using CBD infused topical products are aimed towards helping more directly with joint or skin problems.


How can you use them

Not to worries, CBD infused topicals can be used just like any other body care product. Simply apply it as you deem necessary or if you have a skin condition that applies as much as you need throughout the day. Make sure that you put a good amount on to the area you are treating so that you get the full benefit from the solution.


5. Sprays


Did you know that CBD sprays tend to normally be the weakest in concentration compared to the other products? Typically the strength of the CBD sprays is as little as 1-3mg. When comparing the spray to other products that are taken using the mouth, it’s quite hard to know the actual dosage that is received on a daily basis. Due to the nature of sprays, it is in fact quite inconsistent when trying to figure out the exact dosage.

We have found out that the spray method is very popular because it’s so easy to carry around and use while on the move. Given the nature of the spray, it’s a lot simpler for you to spray the CBD oil into your mouth. When compared to the other products. Such as the tincture, especially when you are busy throughout your day.


How to use

Simply put one serving into your mouth. The serving size is definitely labeled on the bottle (normally 2-3 sprays). You can use the spray throughout your day whenever you require some CBD.


6. Vapes


Structured on many reviews vaporizing CBD oil is noted to give fewer effects when it’s compared to the other methods of taking CBD. Many people do argue that vaping has fewer drawbacks when could to ingesting CBD orally. Since you are significantly reducing the amount of CBD you ingest.

To conclude, vaporizing CBD is great if you want to easily control the dosage that you take in on a daily basis. It does depend on your own personal preference and how you feeling. Vaporizing CBD is very popular given the celebrity buzz surrounding it, such as Nate Diaz. (UFC fighter) who has been vaping

CBD to help him with recovery times while he trains for his next fight.

Check out here what is the best CBD oil to vape.


How to vape CBD

For you to use CBD vape oil, you need to own a vape pen/ vaporizer. Just add the CBD oil like you would with any vape juice. Once it’s been added, you will continue as you would normally. First, heat then inhales the CBD vape oil from your device.


There are quite a few other products available, we just listed the ones we thought you would be most interested. Below are some other options that you may be interested in.


●     Edibles

●     Gel Pen

●     CBD Patches

●     CBD Gums (know where to buy CBD gum)

Edibles are actually had a large popularity as they are an enjoyable way to consume CBD. However, the only issue with CBD edibles is that it can be hard to know the actual consistency of CBD you are intaking. Especially when compared to the other listed products.


Which type will you be using?

According, to our research that we’ve done there’s no right answer or superior option.

It all comes down to your personal preference. You need to remember these three tips when you are finding the best product for you:


●     Try to do as much research on CBD as you can. We highly recommend that you at have a look at the Reddit CBD community. As you’ll find all the up to date reviews on the site.

●     After your research, you’ll need to figure out which brands you can trust. Why not look at the comparisons on the CBD Brands Review page. Make sure that you are wary of what you look at while shopping for a brand. If you’re ever unsure look at our post: Be Careful When You Buy Your Next CBD Oil.

●     After you’ve decided on a brand, you should try out a few of there products. It’ll be a lot easier to try out some edibles first as they are very popular. Then you can move on to the next m product. You need to find out which product is a best for your lifestyle.

CBD Oil Adviser hope you have good luck in your search for the right CBD product. If you have any further questions, you can send them to support@cbdoiladviser.com



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