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Last year was a huge one for hemp supporters and users.

Less and less people are stigmatizing the ill-thought plant due to overwhelming discoveries which show its increasingly positive and unlimited use. Nevertheless, hemp is still illegal and deemed wicked in multiple US states. This could soon change, however, as there is an actively growing number of bipartisan supporters in Congress – and at all levels of government – supporting full legalization of hemp.

Hemp has many positive uses, for example, CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is a healing supplement that’s actually made from the well-known plant. It’s astounding to see so many more people find out how CBD can benefit them, including pain relief and even reducing anxiety.

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These are only a few reasons as to why global attitudes towards the drug are changing. Even some of the highest influential authorities on international drug policy are also changing their once negative opinions about CBD.

Despite all the positive realizations towards the drug, however, there are still setbacks. Cannabis obviously still has powerful adversaries and the fight continues. Overall though, 2017 was an amazing and significant year for hemp. Keep reading to see the outstanding highs and lows of hemp over the past year.


Huge discovery of CBD oil made by thousand as scientific evidence supports CBD benefits.

A huge story published in August 2017 by HelloMD and Brightfield group spoke about a study that revealed a staggering 42 percent of people who use CBD decided to abandon their pharmaceutical drugs. The study does have its flaws, however. The 2,400 study subjects who answered were all found exclusively on the website HelloMD, which is a pro-cannabis site and so can be deemed bias. Despite this, the study shows that an undeniable amount of people discovered that using CBD helped them in many ways. To most people, this is hardly a surprise as there’s an ever-growing amount of scientific evidence supporting the positive effects of CBD use. Another study by the New England Journal of Medicine released in May discussed the impression CBD can have on kids with epilepsy:

“The average number of seizures per month decreased from 12.4 to 5.9 in subjects receiving CBD, versus a reduction of just .8 in the control group who took the placebo. Additionally, about 43 percent of the subjects receiving CBD saw their seizures decrease by at least half. 5 percent actually became completely seizure free with CBD, compared with 0 of the controls.”

The studies and research that are happening today are only the surfaces of the groundbreaking discoveries being made into the benefits of CBD oil. For example, in 2017 there have been a number of preliminary indications that suggest CBD oil can aid people with chronic pain, inflammation, and joint pains. Along with evidence showing the positive effects, it can have on people’s mental health, including helping anxiety, schizophrenia, and depression.

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Massive global drug policy reconsideration on CBD by international authorities

As we know, there has always been a huge debate on athletes taking medications in case of performance enhancement. However, in April 2017 the World Anti-Doping Authority decided that athletes would be permitted to use CBD oil in 2020. Many people believe the change is said to have come from the choice of MMA fighter Nate Diaz to vape CBD oil after a fight in 2016. Because of Diaz’s act of defiance, UFC fighters will also face new and different rules in relation to drug testing in 2020. This immense change to once unalterable policies will open up CBD to more people, not just athletes.

Amazingly this wasn’t the only big reconsideration by a big authority in 2017. The Expert Committee on Drug Dependence is a division of the highly significant World Health Organisation. This committee makes recommendations to help govern which substances remain legal and illegal on an international scale. Not only have they shown support for CBD use, but they’ve also testified that CBD oil is safe and shouldn’t be deemed illegal. Moreover, the ECDD suggested the CBD oil must have and deserves further scientific research because it has incredible potential to change hundreds upon thousands of lives.

“There is also evidence that CBD may be a useful treatment for a number of other medical conditions,” noted the ECCD. … The “diverse” range of conditions for which CBD has been considered by scientists as a possible treatment is “consistent with its neuroprotective, antiepileptic, hypoxia-ischemia [controlling the flow of oxygen], anxiolytic, antipsychotic, analgesic [pain relieving], anti-inflammatory, anti-asthmatic and anti-tumor properties.”

Its evident that these major authorities are rethinking their stance on the use of CBD, which is a major revolution. However, its still well-known that the WHO considers psychoactive cannabis to be a dangerous substance without any medicinal benefits towards its subject. Despite this, it’s clear to see that the committee is re-evaluating their opinions on other cannabinoids and even the plant as a whole in the next year.


State and Federal Government are still fighting against CBD despite softening attitudes

There has always been a heavy debate about the legalization of substances like Hemp and cannabis, and that fight certainly doesn’t look like it’ll be ending any time soon. The WHO’s support for legal CBD oil has caused a stir in the U.S. government, causing an even bigger divide between supporters and its opponents. In the backend of 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration stated that CBD oil is illegal. This caused a huge outcry from Hemp experts and supporters, claiming the declaration to be absurd. In fact, industry activists have sworn that several congressional bills and legal precedents make CBD legal to extract from hemp and trade(https://cbdoiladviser.com/). These activists are so insistent, they’re ready to face court to make the plant accessible if required. 

The DEA’s decree to make CBD oil illegal has not affected individual consumers of CBD however, as even the DEA admits that users should be safe from prosecution. The major crackdowns and scrutiny have unfortunately been aimed at CBD vendors rather than separate users. This in itself has caused major issues.

As an example, Indiana State Excise Police seized a number of CBD products like bhang CBD gum from several stores in the state over last summer. An investigation made by the local Indianapolis star paper highlighted a fault in the law. One law regarding CBD made it legal to use for people suffering from epilepsy, however, the products these consumers need were found in a multitude of stores. The DEA law targeted vendors selling these products though, meaning there was no clear way to provide legal CBD to patients suffering from epilepsy.

The Indiana Attorney General later contended that CBD is, in fact, illegal. Despite this, many other state officials vowed to fight the cause. Due to this, lawmakers have promised people to revisit this issue in their upcoming session of the Indiana General Assembly.


US Hemp surge as bipartisan show increasing support to cannabis

With hemp growing in popularity, more states began their own hemp initiatives or expanded on already existing programs in 2017. These programs garnered boundless success. Vote Hemp reported that there was a massive increase in acres of hemp growth (23,346 acres, in comparison to 2016’s 9,770 acres total). This is only the beginning too, with other states like Wisconsin among the latest to legalize the plant to the joy of thousands. States like Pennsylvania are promising to pointedly intensify the number of acres to grow Hemp allowed this year. 

Its been a long struggle in the fight for hemp legalization, it’s incredible to think that it was 2014 when hemp made its big return to the US after decades of prohibition. It was the 2014 Farm bill which legalized, once again, the growth and trade of hemp for research purposes. Since then, more farms growing the plant have emerged all over the US. The once highly controversial and arguably plant now has growing support in Congress, even from extremely conventional lawmakers. Despite the Industrial Hemp Farming Act – a bill that aimed to completely legalize hemp in the US – not getting to go ahead, it’s amazing enough that it had the enthusiastic support of both republicans and democrats. it’s no longer a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. John Ryan of Ananda Hemp had this to say about the bill in August:

“Whether this bill gets passed or not this is a growing movement, this is an unstoppable movement. We will get this stuff done whether it’s this …  bill or not. This plant will be legalized.”

Just like the seasons, attitudes are changing. With every new person who tries a CBD product such as best CBD gummies or with each state that legalizes recreational or medicinal marijuana, more people can see that this plant can help so many people. The only way is up for Hemp.

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