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Police from  Indiana State Excise in a recent raid took away more than a thousand products including bubble gum CBD and CBD THC capsules that had CBD oil across the state after which they backed down on the realization that they had actually gone beyond the legal boundaries that are laid out.

A couple of raids were carried out in a period of about 5 weeks beginning in May up to June of 2017, the police from this given state took away supplements made from CBD from fifty-seven stores all around the state as stated in an investigation done by The Indianapolis Star in their Sept 13 issue.  This attack appears to have been an unintentional result of a law that was to ensure that people who suffer from epilepsy had more access to CBD. Currently, the state was under pressure and had admitted to the legalization of CBD in Indiana.

Science has proven that CBD is very effective as far as those with epilepsy are concerned, thousands of others also look for CBD for its non-psychoactive extract of industrial that is known to aid with diverse diseases.  Research has shown that CBD could be used to benefit those suffering from insomnia and those who also suffer from schizophrenia, it has also been observed that other people have stopped using of different drugs so that they can use CBD. Find out the best CBD oil for depression and anxiety.

Sadly, the healing extract is still in unsubstantiated circumstances as far as the law is concerned with a couple of government agencies which results into dealers being under pressure. These raids also signify the need for federal action in resolving the legal status associated with CBD and rest this case.  Here, we will delve deeper into the details of the happenings in Indiana as well as highlight future prospects for this state as well as the nation.



A worker  from Fresh Thyme Grocery Store who would like to remain anonymous noted  to Bob a senior investigative reporter from  WTHR that this was outrageous as a lot of people were benefiting from CBD  just after the raids happened and the police confiscated  more than a thousand dollar worth of CBD products on June 14th from the  outlets associated with this store.

These raids ended after one month as the whole thing had brought about outrage and people being confused, Bob later gave a report a month later that CBD was on sale at Fresh Thyme.

To get more understanding of the situation, we also have to dig into the legality of hemp as well as CBD are accorded in the US. For a long time, there was a total ban on the use of all form of cannabis, the 2014 Farm Bill, however, saw the legalization of industrial hemp for purposes of research which was inclusive of market research involving the sale of hemp as well as CBD products like hemp CBD oil for pets.  Every state was given authority to come up with a strategy on the implementation of research on hemp and currently, thirty-three states have undertaken the implementation at least one program involved in hemp growth.

Though those advocating for hemp as well as other legal experts making an argument that CBD, as well as hemp, have an unambiguously legal status in such programs involved in research, the Drug Enforcement Agency has continuously threatened those who sell and produce CBD products. Other Law enforcement agencies in different states have followed in the same steps taken by the DEA and in some occasions also threatened those selling CBD products.

In as much as those who purchase the products for consumption have not been threatened on the same, they are usually not able to get a flow of the products with such hurdles on being experienced by the vendors and thus are not able to experience the relief that comes with the product as they would have wished.

Angela, a resident from Indiana also confirmed to Bob that CBD had worked so well for her and in a flash, it had disappeared from the market. She confessed that she had been making use of CBD in her treatment regiment for her ankle that was broken and also to be able to keep from taking painkillers. She told Bob that the vendors had confirmed to them that the police had raided them and they could no longer sell CBD products.



To justify the raids they did in the state, the state’s police made a claim that House Enrolled Act 1148 which is a law that protects epileptic patients for them to access CBD with no legal consequences gave them the mandate to raid those who were retailing the products to clients who were not epileptic. Texas is a great example of a state that had worked on creating programs that distributed CBD to those suffering from epilepsy, such kind of programs were not enacted in Indiana as the lawmakers here were afraid that they would seem as if they were in support of cannabis as told by The Indianapolis Star. 

Instead of clarifying the legal issues concerning CBD, the act had only made the problem more promiscuous.  Jeff, who is the owner of Happy Daze confirmed to two reporters Kaitlin Lange as well as Tony Cook from the Star that police looked as if they did not have a clue while they were conducting the raids.

He noted that the police did not seem to know what exactly they were searching for and also did not have much insight on CBD. They were also clueless on the most up to date laws on the same.

Shelton and some of his staff did not agree to the search which saw the police claiming that they were acting against law enforcement. This saw the police further their raid to the store owners home which led to drug possession charges after discovering psychoactive cannabis that is illegal according to the laws of Indiana.

Brandy Barrett who is a mother to a ten-year-old boy who suffers from chronic epilepsy, as well as an advocate for legislation of CBD, confirmed to the paper that she felt so bad because of the raids.  She confirmed that a couple of people that the legislation they had worked on had made things worse for everyone who was involved which was not their intention.

The two reporters gave a report that lawmakers also questioned the raids. Rep.Jim said that he felt that the agencies were getting becoming uncontrollable.

In as much as the searches have long been halted, vendors did not get back the products that had been taken from them. According to the Star, more than 3500 products were confiscated in all the 57 stores. In addition to this, the attorney general from this state is said to be evaluating the legality of CBD and this only means that there is a possibility of another occurrence of the raids. 


The most ironic thing is that CBD is considered great at stress relieving and the fact that a lot of people from Indiana were faced with stressful circumstances during summer while trying to acquire CBD is very sad.  In as much as CBD products are available from online retailers, it is important that people can access and buy the same from shops in their locality as they do with nutritional supplements. Check out the nearest CBD oil products near you: CBD oil gummies near me.

Though there have been threats lodged on legalized cannabis in all forms by the  DEA as well as the Department of Justice, there is hope for the plant as perceptions and stigma associated with the plant is fading away. Hemp particularly is supported by two parties and especially with the American ‘Tobacco Country”. A bill such as the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, would work on lowering the influence DEA has over hemp and is still being considered by the Congress, advocates of the same are hopeful that with time, industrial hemp will be legalized

Having experienced the benefits of hemp as others have, CBD Oil Adviser are hopeful that with time this very precious crop will be availed in its diverse forms.


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